I want my wife to fuck a street dog

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  • Wtf is a โ€œstreet dogโ€? A wild dog that lives in the street? Because if you have those where you live, you have bigger problems.

  • Pmfsl at that comment! Yeah you need to move you scruff

  • I don't recommend this at all. It is humiliating and you can get sick. When I was younger I was insecure, depressed, and in a bad relationship with a guy who had me wrapped around his finger. He was a sick fuck and I would do anything he said to feel accepted. He would talk me into doing things just by saying if you loved me.

    That involved fucking his two German Shepards. He would set me and have them go at it. Then when they were done he would fuck me himself. Sometimes even share me with his best friend who was also a sick fuck. I finally got out of that relationship and grew up. But there are days I think back on all the times he had me do such disgusting things and am feelers with shame. The humiliation stays with you the rest of your life.

  • You look back on it a love the thought of that hot cock, so deep in your cunt and their knot, stretching you to your limits, while pumping that hot large amount of cum into you. To feel the pointed tip press against your cervix trying to get in to your womb to pour their puppy seed in you

  • That repulses me, I couldn't stand the thought of that at all. I mean the germs and viruses and hygiene and also what if you had a baby half dog and half human? you would have a lot to explain to the doctor? I can't bare mens sperm in me let alone another animal. that just freaks me out sick. like vomit. would you heat dog vomit up and eat it? yuk. this is foul topic.

  • Half dog baby! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • You can keep that fantasy cuz I wouldn't do it and never be that desperate to have sex. I doubt I could do that it sounds gross to have some weird cock in your pussy, I mean, I can barely stand a human weird cock that are tiny funny weird little things that men prize themselves about. penises are funny looking weird fungus looking or sea creatures or like snails. funny things. I doubt a dogs dick would satisfy me anyway due to shape and color and couldn't put it near my body parts or in me. some animals penises are raza like backwards as they thrust outward and pull out of the animals pussy. you can have that to yourself.

  • Street dog? were like a wild one or what? why? give us a up date on it. just curious what pleasure can you get from this? have you asked her and have you seen her done by a guy or gone to swingers or dog swingers parties where they have dogs to do anyone that wants it?

  • What are the best breeds for a woman to be fucked by or a man to fuck? it doesn't look that exciting or fun. I am just wondering how you fool the dog into thinking the human is another dog? with smell or is it only the lower IQ dogs that will do that stuff and the clever ones reject the idea with the humans? or do the clever humans reject the idea doing it with the dogs? or horses ? etc. it seems to be so popular for husbands to want to have women doing this or men doing it and saying how hot it is or how hot it is watching their wife be fucked by their dash hound, cuz like how would you get a chow or shiti-zu to go a woman ?

  • Labrador is by far the best, we have a nice black one that has been having sex with me for three years initially my husband started expanding my vagina with butt plugs, dildo's and vibrators along with plenty of lube so I could accept his knot, I started playing with him on a large fluffy rug in the lounge naked he knew it was prick playtime when I got naked and went to the rug, first time I was in the missionary position, lubed well with my legs high my husband put thick socks on his paws guided him into me slowly, it went very well however I was concerned when he knotted in me and we were stuck for about 20 minutes.
    After about 12 times I no longer needed my husband to be in attendance because we were both very confident and well practised I was also doing it in the Doggie position almost after every large cum he would knot and throw his front paws around so we would be locked bum to bum for up to 25 minutes it is really sexy, I love it so much.
    My husband and I have a fantastic sexual relationship while the dog get's his sex about 4 times a week, he is very good and does not pester me, he knows it's on when I get nude on the mat
    I would suggest getting your own dog and training him well

  • Im bored and my dumb mom wont let me leave my room. I wish yous would say my mom is a bitch. I dont care and im going to the party. Because my mom has to go out later and my sister be here and im going to sneak out. My moms stuid and such a bitch looser..

  • Im allmost 12 and my dog licked my vagina by accident and it was realy nice. Im also grounded for curse at my stupid mom and got into trouble again and im meant too be going to my friends party. My moms dumb and she said if I dont start behave she will spank me again. Im go to just go too my friends party and mom can get lost. Shes dumb and shes not my boss. Please does anybody think my mom is stupid and I should just go to friends party.

  • It is a shame your Mom is so stupid because that is where you get your brains from.

  • Your stupid like my mom and a bitch to. Parents think their the boss. My mom wont stop me and im sneaking out. Dumb ass.

  • Add me to Snapchat I'd love to see. A woman get fucked by a dog. Andyc2104

  • Why don't you go fuck a street dog for her or for yourself and video it for yourself so you can watch it later.

  • Some people I knew had a dog that masturbated toys and our dog would try to hump legs or hop on top of us as kids and hump us as toddlers crawling around on the floor and without any prior encouragement unless my parents got up to things I never knew about with animal breeding. one of our dogs would cock his leg to piss but go to hump every stump, fire hydrant or log or bench he cood. even horses were taught to masturbate on farms by breeders. I think some breeders would get cars to hump each other and jump on top of each other to try to breed them. like the shopping trolleys doing what comes naturally in car parks joined together.

  • Since all this bestiality has become so popular it makes me feel uncomfortable around dogs and their owners wondering what the hell they get up to with huge dogs or small dogs. I see them at the vet or park or in the car and just wonder what the hell their owners do sexually with them and it makes me feel rather uneasy and sick at the thought. I know some women say its great and some men love seeing women being done by animals and some men love doing them but to me its crazy. I know its gone on for centuries with farm animals and all kinds of abuses with breeding and I too once got a dog to masturbate hollow objects he could stick his dick into after listening to some relatives when I was a kid, they breed animals and said they had to dirty things to get the animals to mate of get sperm etc. or fertilize and they would act dirty over the whole sex topic about "wow look at them go for it" at their breeding dogs or goats, etc.

  • Nothing. Nobody actually fucks their dogs ffs. People have sick fantasies that they will never act on.

  • Sure I would love to see that with some bitch wives. imagine a coffee table book full of rich famous wives being fucked by dogs in the street gutter under lamp lights at night in gothic and tantric and mod-cons, etc or a wall paper sort of Andy Warhol like but with some Bieber in it as well he could get sucked off my the old ones as they are dog fucked. get out before xmas or valentines and you make a packet load.

  • When I was sixteen my boyfriend at the time talked me into fucking his dog it was the weirdest thing I ever got talked into.

  • Add me on Snapchat if any girls still play with their dogs. I would love to see. Andyc2104

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