Clingy chick won't let go

My wife got her 3rd DUI and has been in an in-patient rehab a couple of hours away. She's going to be there for another three weeks. While she's been gone, I've been hanging out with one of our mutual friends named Cindy. We've known her for years, but she's more of my wife's friend than mine. Cindy has been going through some rough times, and has been homeless, living in a tent in a local camp. She has a boyfriend, but he's currently in prison.

I got a text from Cindy, saying she needed a few bucks, so I tracked her down and gave her some money. We talked about the problems we've been having with our partners over some coffee, and it was nice to talk to her. When I drove her back to the homeless camp, I felt bad. It was cold, rainy, and totally shitty to be living like she was. I told her that she could stay at my place for a bit, while my wife is in rehab. She got her stuff and moved in.

The first couple days were normal, she stayed in another room, but on the third night she slipped into bed with me and started cuddling. I was like "wtf" at first, but I admit it felt good and she is really beautiful: 29 yo (I'm 40), firm tits, shapely hips, nice ass, and yes, I've always looked at her. Well, we made love that night, and that's what it was: love. We kissed, held each other, and fucked each other's brains out all night and into the morning. We slept, got up, and repeated the cycle again. It was a heavy. emotional cocktail for both of us.

We've been having red-hot sex for the last week, but she's acting like she's my girlfriend now or something, making me breakfast, ironing my clothes, giving me surprise blowjobs, fucking me out of the blue. I mean, I like it, but I told her she is going to have to leave soon, as my wife's coming back and would leave me if she knew that I was having an affair. Last night Cindy said "We'll see," which scares the shit of me, because I don't think she's leaving.

She is acting like she's a permanent resident now, even redecorating the house. How the hell do I get this chick out of my house? She's taking it over, and my wife is going to shit bricks if she's still here when she gets out of rehab.

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  • You will be blackmailed.

  • I think you're going to have to kill her.

  • It's clear. If you want her out, you're going to have to be firm. Please.keep us updated.

  • Send your wife to camp and keep Cindy. Cos either way youreyou're screwed.

  • Yeah I'd leave my wife, frikken alcoholic or what

  • Well your wife wants to shut the fuck up! 3 DUI? What a skank.

  • Sorry to say but you made your bed now you got to lie in it.

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