I started early

I became aware of my sexuality pretty early on, at least I think I did based on what friends have told me about themselves. When I was around eleven or twelve I knew something felt really good when I rubbed it a lot, guess I should tell you that I am a woman, 34 years old.
So I started noticing that I enjoyed certain things and one of them was being forced to do things, now when I say forced it was pretend forced and usually I was the one setting up what was going to be done. As an example of this, I had my younger brother tie me up and then tickle me all he wanted. I would wear as little as I could get away with for this giving him lots of skin to play with on me. I would also wear shirts and shorts that were loose and would end up exposing body parts to him. I was around thirteen and we were playing the tie up game, he had me blindfolded and I was really at his mercy with how I was tied up, I might have been able to work my way out but probably not. I told him that I wanted him to put his cock in my mouth and he hesitated a little but I pushed him further and the next thing I felt was his penis pushing my lips apart. Luckily for me he was not that big because he was putting it all the way in and not really drawing much back out. After a few more sessions of me being tied up he was fingering me and I let him explore without really telling him what to do. He even surprised me one time with tape across my mouth and a blindfold while he explored my body, I was really turned on by it and lucky for me again he was not that pushy of a guy. He really enjoyed my nipples however, very fascinated by them, I had to tell him a few times that they were sensitive and he was making them sore. He even put clamps on them once without me suggesting anything, they were small ones but still pinched pretty good when he first put them on me.
So we explored for years, all the way to me being college age and him a high school student, one thing that was off limits was intercourse. so I did not have that experience until college and I was with someone else.
I lived in an apartment with a guy for about two years during college and we had so much time on our hands to explore things that there were some weekends we did nothing but sex. We would watch porn, play with each other, threesomes and we were just kids still feeling each other out.
I got married when I was mid twenties and I managed to keep a straight face when my husband to be told me I was his second real girlfriend, by that he meant a woman with whom he had sex. I told him that I was certainly not a virgin and had three sex partners before him, I left out all the brother stuff. He learned within the first six months of our sexual relationship that I enjoyed being tied up and directed to do things, he is actually very mechanically inclined being an engineer so he made a few things that would stimulate me. Once again as an example he built a post with a vibrating dildo on top of it. My ankles are secured with my legs spread apart slightly, the dildo is mounted to a sliding rod which he can raise and lower. He then ties my arms across my back and secures me to the ceiling. I cannot lift myself off of the dildo even if I stand on my tippy toes but when my ankles are secured I cannot even do that. He watched me bob around having orgasms while trying not to lose all leg control shoving the dildo further up into me. He has added things like nipple clamps tied to other fixed objects that pull on my nipples when I lose control. He also has a kneeling version where I am masturbated again by a vibe all the while his cock is going in and out of my spread mouth. He always leans me forward on that one so that I drool on my breasts.
So I have spent the better part of twenty years exploring my sexuality all the way from my brother thru about fifteen men and I must say that other then one bad incident in college it has all been a really great time for me.


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  • I lost my virginity to my 16 year old brother when I was 10 years old. We were having oral sex and masturbating one another since I was 6 or 7 years old. I enjoyed it and was a willing and eager partner, it was fun and felt good when he would lick my pussy and asshole. I was only scared once ,the first time we fucked. It was a little bit painful for the first couple of minutes until I relaxed and stretched around his cock. My brother is really really big I have discovered after. I have fantasies about my early sex experiences with my brother, I can remember losing my virginity and the feeling of his big cock stretching my pussy to the limit.

  • So if you were thirteen, how did your younger brother [12 or younger] come to acquire those nipple clamps? Remember -- you said 'clamps,' not 'clothes pins ...'

  • Yes clamps, they were small ones that came with some little toy tool bench. They would open with just a few fingers but the spring in them had a quite a bit of gripping power for nipples. He also did not get them down on my nipple very far some times and mine are pretty sensitive on the tips.
    I know this seems a little bit strange but I am not lying about any of it. He also tried to insert a banana into me but when I told him it was not comfortable he stopped.

  • A toy tool bench. OK that is decidedly more believable. Thank you.

  • Im almost 14 and my sister is 11 and we have being playing around with each other for over a year. She loves when I rubb her little boobs and put my willy in her pussy and she has no hair and I can put my stuff in her because she has not had her periods yet. She loves me fingering her and sucking her boobs even though there small. She loves putting my willy in her mouth.and its cool when she rubbs my willy with her hands..

  • My brother thought I couldn’t get pregnant because I didn’t have my period yet, but I ended up getting pregnant the first time I ovulated. Be careful.

  • Add me on snap I'm 13 male I would love to see. say (early) in a message so I know it's from here. Andyc2104

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