I'm bi

I'm not a big guy I never have been. Since I was a young boy I would put makeup on and wear girls clothes. I have always had long hair so I didn't have to wear a wig. My kink is to walk in trails known for male on male activity dressed like a little slut and sexually satisfy any man that comes along. I have gone to park and rides, truck stops, and even outside bar's. I love having men cum in my mouth and all over my face. I lay in bed jerking off remembering the times when I was young and the things that happened to me from older guys.

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  • Use to work out at a 24 hr fitness I got off at 10pm and worked out from 11pm to just after midnight 5days a week. 99% of the time by the time I got done everyone except the person working the counter was gone. I had finished up and was taking a shower a guy walked into the stall next to me. He surprised me both I wasn’t use to anyone being there and also his cock was huge. I was trying not to look he was very thick and about 7+” long long. His cock looked like a huge muscle flexed suddenly I realized I was rock hard. He noticed and was smiling I apologized and got my towel and went to my locker humiliated. He walked over I was sitting down his cock only a foot from my face. He smiled saying it’s ok he wasn’t offended my cock was still hard, I said you have the biggest cock I ever seen. I followed up saying I’m not gay he laughed saying he wasn’t gay while he had enjoyed sex multiple times with another guy. Some guys are curious and many have always wanted to enjoy a huge cock either in their mouth or ass. By this time he started getting rock hard over 10” long and even thicker. I didn’t know what to say I did get this desire to stroke his cock but to nervous to say or do anything. He smiled and said it’s ok if you want to ever mess around just tell me. He walked away and my mind spun as I was walking out he asked if I wanted to get a drink. I said sure. Continue

  • We ended up going to a bar close by I followed him we played darts and didn’t bring up the subject he was a pretty cool guy. To my surprise he was married and had a daughter he was older than me in his 40’s I was 24 at the time. He said if you wanna get a room it could be fun your obviously curious or you wouldn’t have said yes to the beer. I laughed a bit relaxed now and said maybe that would be a good idea. We got a hotel room he pulled down his pants and I got on my knees sucking his cock and licking his balls. He was kinda rough and face fucked me choking me I almost passed out. He laughed saying sorry I get to excited he said he did that to his wife all the time. Suddenly he pushed me on my back and worked fingers into my ass and started to try and shove his cock up my ass. It hurt and I said I don’t want to do this part he was stronger holding me down. He forced his cock up my ass and raped me he punched me in the face and fucked me hard. He choked me and I passed out he twisted me around and kept raping me I was in pain. I couldn’t get away and he beat and kept raping me for almost 2hours. After he threw me across the room laughing asking me how it felt. He started punching me and knocked me out I tried to fight but he was a tuff mother fucker. Finally he said I had raped and drugged his daughter back in high school. He told me go to the cops laughing I was completely confused telling him I don’t know what he was talking about. He grabbed my wallet his face turned red he said just keep your fucking mouth shut and be happy your alive. I wasn’t from that town and moved away not wanting to report I was raped. I think he was planning on killing me but figured out I wasn’t who he thought I was. If it wasn’t for the humiliation I would had reported him!

  • Love guys like you! Hope you get back into it again. You are never too old to suck cock.

  • I used to be bi in my 20's but never carried on,now in my 30's.But recently I got drunk with an old friend and his wife.She went to bed from being too drunk and me and my friend stayed up drinking.I was horny and teased him about fucking him but he kept laughing it off,until a bit later.He said "go on then,make it quick".So I bent him over the sofa,pulled his pants down and fucked him while helping him wank off.He soon came and then so did I in his ass.I left him to fall asleep and went upstairs to the bathroom to wash my cock off.I then had a dirty thought.I checked on his wife who was fast asleep.I pulled the covers off her and she was nude.So in the dark I pulled my clothes off and got into bed next to her.I spread her legs and entered her.She woke and thought I was her husband and enjoyed the good fuck in the dark.She moaned alot as I fucked her hard and soon came,then I came in her.Afterwards I left when she fell asleep.I got dressed and went home.I don't think either of them remembered what happened.

  • Don't really think you should be proud of this, wearing femme gear is OK but bi action certainly not you will clearly get the jack then think if it's still funny

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