Ate out and slightly raped wife’s sister

This happened thanksgiving and I think I am in the clear. It was a total accident and not at all planned.

My wife and her sister who is 10 years younger, 20 years old, went shopping for sales thanksgiving night. My sister in laws boyfriend went with them and when they got back we opened a bottle of vodka and started drinking. The boyfriend and the sister in law went to the sofa and had a heavy make out session there before he left for the night, my wife and me were in the kitchen cleaning up and drinking. The sister in law came in to help us and also continued drinking. We put a movie on and both my wife and her sis sat on the sofa and I sat on a chair.
I was pouring the drinks heavy because when my wife gets drunk she gets really horny and wants freaky sex. I was pretty buzzed and went outside to smoke a couple of cigarettes and look on my phone for maybe 30 minutes. Before I walked out my wife said she was going to get ready to go to bed soon and her sister was stumbling around separating her bags and my wife’s bags of things they had bought. I sat at the back porch and
I was looking at porn and thinking about things to do with my wife later on. I was thinking anal, and she is always down when she is drunk.
I went back inside and I didn’t see my wife. The tv was still on. I went into my bedroom and in the dark could see my wife laying face down on the bed. I went up behind her and kissed her neck and face and felt her ass and twat from behind. She lifted her ass and pushed her hips into my palm as I ran it up and down her twat and kissed her neck. I pulled down her pants and panties and went to licking her butthole and rubbing her twat while kissing her neck and cheek. Her body was repsonding by moving her hips into the motion as I did these things. So I pulled off her pants and panties all the way and took off my clothes. I went down and spread her legs and licked her vagina and ass crack more and it was different but I didn’t pay attention to it and I got up and tried pushing my cock into her pussy and I really noticed it was different. I got up and turned on the lights and saw it was my sister in law laying face down on my bed with the shopping bags on the side of the bed. I freaked out. She was passed out still and I tried pulling her panties back on her. Her ass and pussy looked really good, better than my wife since she is ten years younger. I figured I went this far I already penetrated her might as well finish and I got up behind her and pushed it in all the way and slowly moved in and out. It was so tight much tighter than my wife’s. I was scared to cum in her so I pulled out and just jerked off feeling her butt and fingering her. I came in a towel and I dried her twat and buttcrack really good with another towel. I pulled her panties up and her pants. She was really passed out and didn’t wake up at all. I could have done anything to her and she wouldn’t have woken up but I know she would know the next day when she wakes up and I would be caught. I fixed her up just the way that I found her and then took a quick shower and went to the living room where I found my wife passed out on the sofa. I didn’t see her earlier because I walked in behind the sofa and she was laid out on it. I cuddled up next to her and fell asleep.

The next morning we were all hung over and my sister in law didn’t mention anything out of the ordinary. She stayed until Saturday and left and everything was like normal.
I was so scared she would have figured it out but I guess she didn’t. She tasted so good, she was probably wet from making out with her boyfriend earlier in the night because when I went down on her she was already wet and slippery. Her 20 year Old pussy was tight and beautiful, much nicer than my 30 year old wife’s worn out twat.

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  • Just goes to show you a stiff cock has no mind of it's own.

  • SLIGHTY raped?

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