Dominance or something else?

It seems like many posts on here lately are about women making their men wear panties or cock cages or otherwise turning them into sissies. Not judging anyone. What you’re into is your choice. I’m more curious. Whats the appeal? Why would a woman want to do this to her man and how are they getting their men to go along with it? Is it about dominance or something else? I feel like wearing underwear not designed for a man’s body would not feel good at all.

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  • Dominating your man is fantastic they are very obedient and do a lot of the housework to keep you happy, having them wear panties, bra's etc. enforces the control and if you can get them into a cock cage they will do anything for you because you have total control, I release my man every Sunday for shaving, cleaning, inspecting and teasing to precum but he is handcuffed behind and has a leg spreader on until I lock him and hide the keys again, I decide when he can orgasm and that is not often but always he has to masturbate for it, I of course can orgasm whenever I like from his tongue; toys and fingers, it is so good, when I ask if he likes everything he answers of course, he would not be game to give any other answer
    Why not talk to your wife and give it a go, you will certainly enjoy it.

  • I’m not married, nor have I ever been submissive in any of my relationships as none of the women I’ve been with have been dominant. I’m more dominant I suppose but I’m curious about submitting but don’t really know how.

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