Questions for wives who have cheated

There’s along story that goes with these questions that I won’t get into. I can fully say I caused my wife’s affair by being a complete moron.
She says she doesn’t want to answer questions that I have because it makes her feel guilty and I can understand her point of view. I still ha r question and I am looking to her maybe a little understanding.
Here we go she’s admitted to going down on him after with out being asked sex which is something she thinks is gross. She still refuses to do this with me. She gave him hickies and made out with him. She does like to kiss but really never loses control like she did with her friend.
I know part of it has to be the excitement and possibly the naughty nature of the affair.
I just want to know why she would do this stuff with him but not me.

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  • I wish the uk royal couples all the joyce in the world.

  • In my marriage I'm the dominant one in bed.So when I chose to cheat I liked being dominated.My lover was a younger man and I loved being thrown around the bed by him,fucked in different positions,my hair pulled in doggystyle and then forced onto my knees so he could poke his 9 inches down my throat before ejaculating over my face.
    And sure I love my hubby totally,but believe me when I say bigger is better,with that comes a whole lot more excitement once you get past the stage of yours eyes watering.

  • I've only cheated on my husband a handful of times in 22 years of marriage, but it boils down to this: the novelty and surprise of being with someone different is exciting.

  • Sweetie lets put it this way, maybe he shows that he enjoys it. I've done many things without my hubby, because he has made me feel special, the way he looks at me, talks to me, touches me, I feel wanted. I never had a thought about cheating, until someone noticed me, and gave me the attention I deserve. Sometimes we meet up, and he doesn't even want sex, just wanted to take me out. He surprises me at work, with a simple snack (cupcake, brownies) coffee. Those minor details, helped me do the thing I never thought possible, I swallow for him (my side piece) I still refuse to swallow for my hubby

  • Well you see it's really very simple he is probably a nice gentleman and your just a fuck wit that has no idea !!!

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