I'm going to wear my husband out.

My husband's been in a bit of a tiff (understatement) lately because I haven't been leaping onto his cock every time he snaps his fingers. I'm really annoyed because he's such a bone headed pouty childish mule, but I also love his stupid ass to bits so I'm going to take care of this right now. As soon as possible I'm going to make passionate love to him, as many times as it takes for him to beg me to stop. Then I'll have a break. Then he'll get horny again, and I'll wear him out again. Like that for as long as it takes probably till I'm dead.

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  • Go for it while you can

  • Christ my wife had sex so long ago. I went and have a lover now, I'm not dead yet. Its not me, I know make love with her when ever she can

  • Good for you for wanting to shut him up and also for realizing you have been neglecting him and his needs. Lack of sex can cause emotional detachment

  • Surprise him. Ask him to stick it up your bum.If you think he'd be up for that of course and you haven't already tried it.

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