Sexual tension with aunt

Not sure where
To start because for one, I'm insanely horny just thinking about this shit, and two it's putting me in a manic state.... so this might all end up an overly elaborate and convoluted mess with typos galore... but here goes...

So around a year ago, I visited my mom and aunt, which by the way, I rarely ever do. Last time I was down there until then was maybe 2 years ago. Anyways... when I arrived, both my mom and aunt greeted me at the door. Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek but my my aunt planted one on my lips... which was a first, but whatever. We all started drinking right away, ate a nice supper and kept drinking more and more as the night went on and my aunt would often put her arm around me, letting her Titts rub up on me and everything which doesn't seem like much at first for sure.

My aunt and I would often go out and sit on the front porch throughout the night to smoke and drink and the vibe was really flirtatious. I forgot to mention my aunt kisses me on the lips a second time earlier just out of the blue. Sooo to get this story moving along, at one point we walk back inside and there's some music playing so I jokingly bust out a few moves and my aunt walks toward me, gets supper close... and if her eyes could speak... lol she was about to glues her body against mine and then my mom says "hey that's my son"... half jokingly. And a few minutes later my aunt and I were talking and laughing and she places her arm
Around me again, and again tits on me so I placed my hand on the small of her back and quickly moved it to the top of her ass... and there my hand stayed while we talked for a good 6 or 7 seconds until I removed it.

I ended up drinking till I got sick and puked, and my mom and aunt escorted... well more like helped carry me to the guest room. I fell flat on my stomach... and my mom slid my pants off. Nothing happened but they both just stood there awkwardly behind me for a minute and then I heard my aunt tell my mom I had nice legs lol. They both stood there a bit longer and walked out shortly after that.

I went back to visit a few months later and that when shot got real... and real weird. First of all, when I arrived, my aunt was waiting for me outside... same kiss on the lips. Started drinking right away and the night started to flow in the same manner... but my aunt kept telling me how good looking I was, non stop and found another excuse to kiss me on the lips again. My mom eventually went to bed and my aunt kisses me on the lips but a little more slowly and passionately while I was sitting on the porch with her standing over me. She giggled a little and I leaned in to return the kiss but she backed away... still giggLing lightly. At this point, I figured, fuck it I'll try something here ; )

We were both drunk and I kept pulling my chair closer to her outside until my arm was dangling off the arm rest enough for my fingers to be hovering right over her pussy. Hand stayed there for pretty long and nothing was said so I let a finger touch her pussy and there it stayed while we spoke for around 30 seconds.... so of course I did the same thing again, letting my fingers hover over her crotch a minute, she says nothing and I let my fingers touch her pussy again. This time they stayed there a minute so I moved things along and lightly started to rub her pussy while we spoke and that lasted about 2 minutes at the most before she said she wanted to go inside. I was sure she was gonna call it a night and there was thinking... I fucked up.... but...

She said she wanted to sit on the couch. Wow. We sat there a little awkwardly talking... I think both wanting more but both scared about doing it and to go about it, so I put my arm around her and let my hand brush up on her titty for a while... and honestly... I don't remember if I moved my hand or she did but it was eventually back at my side. During that time I had managed to discreetly tuck my boner in my waist band and against my stomach under my button up sweater so that it was slightly visible through the space between the buttons. She asked me to my arm back around her and told me that it felt good so obviously I did, and at that point, she leaned her head against my upper chest, near my stomach, my visible cock right by her face and she even reached into the opening. I was sure at that point that shit was going down for sure...but it stoped there.

She said she was tired, as we both stood up, she was holding my hand in front of me with the back of hand slightly against my cock and said "look, we had a good night, we really did and it was a really nice night but I'm tired and I'm going to bed". I followed her upstairs and apologized. I told her I thought I was following her lead. She told me there was no need to be sorry and that she thought I was an amazing person, that we had a nice night and told me we can just act like nothing ever happened...

I went back a few weeks after and she was warm and friendly, maybe just mildly touchy felt but like an aunt should be I guess... and then out of nowhere while she my mom and u were in the kitchen, she plants a soft kiss right on my lips. Wtf? Nothing happened but fuck... wow. Weird...

I'm supposed to go back to visit soon but don't even fuckin know what to think anymore. I'll probably just have to act reserved or something but she shouldn't have kissed me on the lips that way... she actually put her body against mine pussy to dick even that night too when I asked her to warm me uwhile we were on the porch smoking again. I don't know. This is confusing and a delicate situation. Not sure what to do...and sorry in advance for all the typos I'm assuming are in here but I'm not proof reading this.


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  • Went back and refrained from doing anything cause shit wasn’t clear and I was worried about overstepping.

  • Please let is know when you start knocking her off ?

  • Your aunt wants you. If the kisses on the lips aren't enough evidence that she has interest, inviting you to the couch was. She wants your dick and is totally ready for it.

  • I get it but what I got from it, I mean, putting all the little nuances together, body language, facial expressions, words, tone, the little in between and the way that all syncs together, in retrospect, it seemed more like she was entertaining the idea that night and decided to go along with things a little but couldn't get passed her insecurities and chickened out. Like.... on the couch... her head was right next to my dick and she even stuck her fingers in my shirt opening where my dick was visible... but actually touch my dick. It was a tricky situation cause had put my hand on her head she could've felt forced and panicked even more... and even worst. She is not a sexual woman at all... so had I tried to do that should could've taken it as a sign of aggression so I had to be really careful and give her some
    Control. I mean... none of that woulda happened if she hadn't started kissing me on the lips the way she did so much and "accidentally" rubbing her titties all over just the same. Anyways it's fine. Whatever man. And to that other poster who said I'm making this shit up and getting off by reading this shit over.... well... I am getting off by seeing what people have to say yeah of course. I mean.... I feel the responses on here so far have been pretty straight up and an outside perspective is a useful tool. I'm not making this shit up though but you can think whatever you want. That's cool man. I don't blame you. I get it man.

  • Typo*** actually DIDNT touch my dick. Sorry.

  • Your aunt might also be taking it way slowly, because she doesn't want your mom to freak and give out another "that's my son" comment. Yet your mom isn't stupid (I think) and it sounds like she saw the kiss. And you're wrong that your aunt is not a sexual woman--she just has a little bit of scruples. It will be up to you to make the move. Maybe give her a hug, and unbutton her pants a little. She will pick up on it and move forward with the advance. She's probably wet af just thinking about you doing that.

  • Ehhh... not too sure about unbuttoning her pants lol. Maybe if we're outside smoking and tell her to warm me up again and she goes ahead and holds me, pressing her body on me like she did last time, if I look her right, she'll give me that usual kiss on the lips, at which point if she does that while we're embracing I can probably try to extend the kiss ... kisses... and if kisses then there's reciprocation so I can slip her the tongue at that point but I'm not trying to count my chickens before the eggs hatch either lol

  • Now really you are just faking all of this aren't you buddy, I mean it might be nice to happen but it's not your just wishing it could and pulling yourself off by reading again and again you poor foolish sucker

  • I've been thinking...Improbably gonna get horny just by being overthere... and no I'm not gonna initiate shit. I'll almost for sure get a Hardon and I'll have to tuck it in my waist and to hide it, so a descent part of my dick will pass wth waist band, leaving it under my shirt. Should she touch my stomach...well... she'll feel cock and she can keep feeling or not, that's up to her. I might twitch my cock a little so she can see it moving through my shirt,
    But I'll only do that if she's all on me. Ring touchy feelly... if not then I'll keep to myself and be cool. That's my final decision and the safest one which at the same leaves a door open for her.

  • Dude you are putty in her hands to dick tease you until you scream out with blue balls with that strategy. You might think about relieving yourself before you arrive so you MIGHT be able to think a bit more clearly.

  • You're right but I need the hardon under my shirt in order to elicit a response. If she starts touching my cock it should be a done deal. At worst I'll get a hand job... or she'll play with it a little and chicken out, but even that is hot enough for me to go in the bathroom later and bust my load.

  • Prick Teaser all the way

  • Seems like she will do this dance forever. I'd back off cause she'll keep you dangling, horny and then she'll end it, leaving you pissed off. She's a tease who is using her power.

  • Get your prick out and tell her to get sucking .

  • Nice. Please add more soon

  • She is a tease. She is enjoying her power. My wife calls it the power of the puss. Lay back on the drinking so you can gauge and read her better in the moment. You might consider turning the tables on her and make her do the wondering by not playing along with her sexual flirting. Do a little hard to get thing on her.

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