Wife Shared on New Orleans Vacation

You always here be careful what you ask for. My wife and I were on a weekend getaway in New Orleans. We didn't know the area very well and ended up in a very sketchy part of town. We had gone out for an evening of drinking and dancing. Well being in New Orleans she was willing to let all inhibitions loose. She wore a very sexy dress with no bra or panties. Her nipples were clearly visible through her dress and her tits were bouncy to say the least. Tired of walking, we entered a bar that wasn't very crowded and sat for a few drinks. Before we new it, it was about 1 am and the bar was mostly locals with only one or two other women present. When I say women, they were were about as rough as the guys they were with.
Just as we were discussing going back to the hotel, a couple of guys sat down at our table, uninvited, and began to talk and ask us where we were from. We had a drink or three with them and one of them asked my wife to dance. She was very drunk by now and looked over at me and I said it was up to her. She said sure and walked to the dance floor with this guy. I have to admit it was exciting seeing her walk across the dance floor wearing this sexy dress with a stranger leading her.
After a few minutes went by, I noticed that I could no longer see her. The guy she was dancing with had led her off the dance floor to a hallway where the bathrooms were. I didn't realize at first where she was because about five guys were blocking the hallway. I walked over to find her and heard cheering in front of me. I could barely see her but could tell that something was going on. When I tried to get through the guys in front of me. They made sure I couldn't get through and kept saying let her have her fun. Just about that time my eyes about popped out of my head. Three guys were taking turns playing with her tits. She was lightly protesting but wasn't putting up too much resistance. Knowing I was totally outnumbered and she was smiling, I didn't have much choice but to watch. They were playing a game with one guy on each tit, seeing which guy could get her nipple the hardest. The third guy was just rubbing her from behind and feeling under her dress. Knowing she didn't have panties on I knew he was rubbing her bare ass and fingering her pussy. I have to admit it was very erotic watching this. After a few minutes I was able to take control of the situation and keep it from going too far. I knew if I didn't stop it the three of them would all have fucked her right there in the bar.
They kept telling me to let her alone but we eventually made our way out and back to our hotel. She was very drunk and laughed at the situation. The next day, she claimed she didn't remember much about it but I think she remembered it all.

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