My ex asked me to show via webcam

My ex asked me to let his see my boob and vaginas via webcam. He said it wouldnt count as cheating because he coulndn't touch me and there was no sex involved. I did it once some days ago but now im not so sure. Does it count as cheating? Did you ever show yourself via webcam?

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  • I jerked off for an ex on cam once.

  • Are u a girl or a guy? He asked me to jerk off to him too. And it felt really good. But I still feel like I was cheating

  • I showed my dick a few times to one person. Been awhile. I miss doing that. As long as I get something in return, which I didn’t then. It’s cheating, but it’s also not. Depends on the person you’re with, they'll tell you if they’re ok with it or not.

  • My boyfriend wouldnt allow it...

  • TBH, I personally wouldn’t allow it, but if she wanted guys to show her their dick on cam or even send her dick pics, I wouldn’t mind.

  • He’s your ex for a reason. Don’t give him anything.

  • I know... the thing is I really wanna do that...

  • How many vaginas you got?

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