Delivery guy fetish

I watch the car pull up and I am hoping for young college age guy with little to no experience. He climbs out, thin build, dark hair and looks early twenties. I have nothing on, kneeling in my entryway hall on a pillow, when the doorbell rings I will tell him the door is open. He walks thru the door and to my surprise he did not even see me right away because he was looking into the dining room when he came inside. He turned around to close the door and then looked towards me, his mouth opened slowly and he said, "Oh my god, your hot".
He then looked around quickly thinking this was some kind of set up but I assured him that no one else was here then I put my finger up and motioned for him to come toward me. I told him to set the delivery down on the table and the money was on it. He did so then walked towards me stuffing the twenty in his front pocket. I got my first wish, he was young now I was just hoping for a decent sized member.
He began to mess with his pants and I told him to leave it to me, I like to undress a man. He asked if he could touch me and I winked at him and told him maybe in a little while. I unzipped his pants and slid them down, looking at his underwear for signs of size. I liked the bulge I saw and started pulling them down to reveal it, I was happy with what I saw. His testicles were huge, his penis was not hard and was as longer than the width of my hand. I wrapped my hand around it and his head was still sticking out past my fingers. I ran my tongue around the head and began stroking him softly then I slid him all the way in and I felt his shaft throb a little bit against tongue. He grew hard quickly like all young guys do and soon I could not get all of him in my mouth. I sucked on him for a good twenty times then looked at his size, he was nice, about eight inches and nice thickness. He was moaning and talking so much that I knew he was pretty inexperienced. I looked up at him and asked, "how many women have you been with?"
He replied back, "Two and I only got one of them to do what your doing now."
I went back down on him and sucked him really hard then pushed his penis up and sucked those huge balls into my mouth. He let out more moaning followed by a holy shit your unbelievable. He looked down at me and made eye contact, his cock was laying on my forehead and I had most of his testicles in my mouth.
"How old are you?", he asked.
I leaned back letting his cock dangle and bounce then sternly looked at him.
"First rule is you never ask a woman how old she is?" I told him. His face went blank, then he worsened the situation by calling me ma'am as he apologized. I told him if he still wanted me to continue he needed to come up with a sexy comment about me. He told me I had lovely hair.
I laughed out loud, I was so floored at his naivety, I told him he had so much to learn. I leaned forward and started sucking on his cock again. I played with it for another minute or so then stood up and led him into the living room. I sat back on the couch and asked him if he new how to pleasure a woman. He stripped off his shirt, socks and glasses then fell between my legs on his knees. I stopped his head from diving between my thighs by grabbing his hair. "I told him no not there yet, start at my knees, kiss and lick the insides and back of them." I guided him all over my legs then up past my vagina to my breast, I told him circle my nipples then suck them in slow and gentle. His cock was still hard as a rock, I reached down and caressed it a few times and he gasped then began pulsating. The first shot went all the way onto my torso followed by a lot more landing on my hip. He let out a long sorry and I told him it was not a problem at all. I wiped it on the sheet I had covering the couch, then gave him some more directions, all of which were focused on my vagina. He did quite well once he got his tongue calmed down a little. I had a great time with him and he pleasured me a lot.

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  • We know its you.

  • One short story I have not wrote about because it was such a let down. The guy put my delivery on the table, took the money and walked out, it was like he was scared something was going to happen to him. I was kneeling on a pillow nude, how scary can that be. I could see though how walking into a strangers house and a naked woman is kneeling there would look like a possible set up for something but so far he is the only one who has left that was a guy.

  • Don't take it personally, he could be gay or have a girlfriend, your track record is still good.

  • Damn I would love that.

  • Are you a delivery guy working in and around Raleigh, NC?

  • Greensboro...

  • Boss: All our deliveries are late. You're fired!

  • I did have one of them tell me after I started sucking on him that he had to make this fast because he had a lot of deliveries to finish. Talk about job dedication, I thought about asking him to come work for me.

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