I wish that lady employers would express their wish to get their

Feet worshiped by the employers

20 days ago

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    • I will sell you my sweaty shoes, pumps and flats that I wear in business suits.

    • Only if you throw in some stockings and pantyhose!

    • My Plane Chubby Jane coworker hit on me almost directly "let me know, baby"
      They made Jane our unit boss. We're both married. Suddenly she's more attractive, no physically -- but the boss thing does it for me. I had a Chubby FWB -- I loved fucking her hard. My wife would go trough the headboard, I usually let her have top -- she really a good cowgirl. Every Wed my wife works late and Jane I get a room. I still love doing big girls. Here's the crazy part.
      Wife: Sit down, I have something to tell you. Take some time process this. Full disclosure here, Bob (her boss) and I are fuck buddies, the janitors walked in on naked me giving him a blowjob. Gimme Shelter was blasting, we didn't hear them, they saw a lot. He was transferred, I'm on probation. But they are worried I might get a lawyer -- I'm not. Sorry.
      We're both boss fuckers. I have to give her a pass.
      Still fucking Jane. To get even with my wife, I lick her pussy too.

    • Had this fetish for over 30 years. I can tell you, women could give 3 shits about having their feet worshipped.
      If this is something you want then fork up some money and hire a prostitute or dominatrix. Your local crack whore prostitute would be cheaper. Sorry but this is the reality of it no matter what the fetish side of pornhub has you thinking.

    • My wife lets me play with her bare and stocking feet and wears stockings for me when we have sex. It used to throw her off a bit but she began to enjoy it more over time. Now she uses her pretty feet to her advantage when she wants to be fucked hard and cum hard. She knows that if I’m enjoying her feet I’m going to fuck her harder, faster and deeper. Once her toes are in my mouth I cum deep in that pussy!

    • Is true
      Hail feet

    • Shut up

    • I make the cum on Sarah Flint pumps. Stuart Weitzman pumps, I make the cum on.

    • One time my boss Mrs. Honeywell took her shoes off and wore her trainers home, so I took a huge steamy dump right in her shoe. The left one, to be precise.

    • Very good :D

    • Oh foot sniffer you have to learn the difference between employers and employees! Or is the oder affecting your brain!

    • Hey foot sniffer what's up? Don't listen to them just keep sniffing!

    • A$$ Hole! Go back to screwing yourself.

    • Shut up ,

    • I will sniff your sweet sweet anus because it smells like bacon


    • This is Jerry, bacon-anus

    • What? Do you think every woman has that wish? Not likely.

    • Shut up.

    • No dumbass

    • Yes,

    • *employees

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