I should have done it

When I was 17 a girl I had known for a few years and I went swimming. When we returned to her house I went into the bathroom to change. The door had an old-fashioned lock with a keyhole. I was about to change when I hear "I see you." I froze and stood there for probably five minutes until her mother came along and told her that was not nice. I regret not having stripped. Maybe would have led to some sex education. Sorry Sandra.

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  • A moment lost the opportunity never to return, get in contact with her you might get a second chance

  • This was eons again.

  • You stood there for five minutes? Doing what?

  • Frozen

  • I would hope her mom after catching her brat daughter red handed hauled her off and spanked her for.spying on you and i know if she was my daughter i would have done it on her bare and left her in corner for a while with her red bottom on display for who ever happend to see her. I take it this brat was same age as you..

  • No way. Sorry

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