Wife's casual start

When I 1st met my wife, she was her sister, she was wearing a short mini skirt barley covered her butt, A button down blouse no bra only sheer to toe stockings and 4" high heels. She was gorgeous and flirty and we were mutually attracted to each other. She exchanged her number and the next day She called me, and I picked her up on my Harley, and she was wearing a jean skirt & boots & jacket. Later on we had an amazing 1st sexual experience. She loved the feel of my cock sliding along her hot pussy, and she was totally uninhibited. We've been married now for 12 years. She still is amazing hot an sexy, and loves to fuck. Her body is even better, 5'4" 122lb brown reddish hair green eyes, great legs nice ass sexy small feet. Her makeup is very little a natural beauty, I love the wet look candy lipstick she wears and her colored eye makeup. She dresses so provocative. She knows Men are looking but doesn't acknowledge it. She loves to flirt, which I'm ok with. She likes to hang out some of her girlfriends, and they of course get all dressed up and meet a this local pub where on ladies night, men descend on the place in hopes of picking up one of the ladies. She's come home sometimes with her pussy soaking wet telling me she's so hot turned on by some Guy who was rubbing up against her while dancing and pressed up against her while standing alongside of her. About this time, I stupidly had an affair some hot married lass I met on a train I take back home from work. It started out casually, but after a couple of weeks it ended with us in a motel, me holding her legs over her head and banging her hot pussy. Someone my wife knows recognized me with this blonde and all hell erupted. She was screaming at me saying WTF!! am I not good enough for You! I don't go fucking around on You! What was I was going to say or do except say I'm sorry, I fucked up. She stormed out with a suitcase full of her stuff. I didn't call her for a week, I wanted her to cool down. I did text her and asked if she wanted to meet for dinner and we could talk, but she said, she was busy and go ask that slut you were fucking if she wants to meet you for dinner and hung up. Great! I really messed up, meanwhile I heard She was hanging around with this girlfriend who was divorced who was dating some Insurance guy and one of his friends was seeing my wife. Damn it, some guys now fucking my wife! A month and half roll by, I'm preparing for life without her. She won't answer my calls ignores me when I see her in public, saying if I don't leave her alone she'll cause a huge scene. I packed most of her stuff, and left a message for her saying its ready for pickup, and I won't be around this upcoming weekend so she can get her things. As I was leaving Town She called me, she was calm and said, if I was around, she wanted to speak to me, so I headed back Home. We had a tearful reunion. She said she was so hurt and couldn't understand why I did what I did to our marriage. She told me she had sex with multiple men, and really missed our relationship. She didn't have any feelings for any of them, that she just wanted to use them. Having to express myself and my mistake was awful, but hearing my wife say what she said was so sexual! So we both forgave each other, and returned to our lives, but now had both experienced sexual encounters with different people.
My wife still dressed sexy which I loved, and when away, would shop for some outfits she could wear out for me. We both loved music and dancing, and we started going to cities away from where we live. It was at one of these Lounges, we ran into one of her old flames she new when we were having our difficulties. He was a middle aged Real Estate Broker about 63yo divorced well heeled soft spoken a gentleman. Her saw her and waved us over where she introduced me, and he kissed her hand. He asked us to join him and we sat down, and my wife sat next to him and crossed her legs. He ordered drinks for us, and we actually had a great evening. I danced with my wife and she danced with her friend too. I went to the restroom, and on the way back I saw him rubbing my wife legs and brushing her hair. I didn't seem to notice or care as he left his hand on her leg, and she asked me if I minded in giving Robert a ride Home so he doesn't have to wait for Uber. I said of course not, are we ready now. We left together, I drove to an area that was gated and pulled into a driveway, where our Guest invited inside for a nitecap which my wife said, ok. Inside, we were greeted by a little yorkie who he let out into the backyard, as he offers us a drink. I sat on vey comfortable leather chair, and my wife and Robert sat on a loveseat next to me. A few minutes later the dog was scratching at the door to come in, and Robert let it in and it ran into the room where we were seated and started to climb up onto my wife's legs. But the dog's paws were damp & wet, and Robert said, oh I'm sorry, picked up the dog placed it in another room said I'll get you a towel. He returned, and he gently slid off her heels, holding up one leg at a time wiping her legs while my wife was massaging his bulging cock with her foot, bending her leg as her skirt rose up exposing her vagina as she was smiling at him. I was silent watching them like in a trance. He leaned forward kissing her openly has she stuck out her tongue and he kissed her, pulling her up off the chair raising her skirt over her hips rubbing her ass with both hands,placing them inside her stockings, and with one hand rubbing her wet hot pussy. It was so erotic watching her allow him to seduce her in front of me. It wasn'y scripted it was total seduction. My wife took off her blouse her breasts swollen and her nipples hard with excitement. Then I saw Roberts huge cock, it was thick as a cell phone and about 9'long. My wife was pulling on it, pulling back on it saying softly, I want your big fat dick in me now, as He led her into the adjoining bedroom. They were both totally uninhibited, as though I was there. I watched my wife of 12yrs suck and gag on his massive thick cock. Her lips slid up and down his shaft as she licked his balls. He rolled her over on her stomach as she arched her back and help him ease his massive thick cock inside of her, she was panting and murmuring fuck me fuck me, as he started to drive his cock deep inside her...faster and Her pussy lips were making these swishing sounds sounds as he start pumping his cock feverishly. She was moaning oooooo, as he released his load filling her as he pulled out and slapped her ass and walked towards his bathroom. My wife was still murmuring, oh when I saw gobs of seamen oozing out of her vagina, she rolled over and was rubbing his hot cum on her swollen hot pussy lips, when she saw me, telling me baby I love fat cock, I love it when it fills my pussy with hot cum. I said baby I know you love to fuck, but I think You want to fuck anyone now. She said no I don't, I love you, but I love getting fucked by big fat cock, and I want you with me. Are you mad at me? So thats how it started for my horny hot wife. She's been intimate in front of me with about 5 very hung men including one very horny married female which is a entirely another story for a later time.


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  • Fuck! That is hot! Nothing like a girl with reddish brown hair and small sexy feet in stockings! Along with the rest of the package.

  • Hot as fuck

  • As long as you are okay with it then there's no problem. Why shouldn't you allow your wife to have pleasure from other guys that have big cocks. If that's what she's into. I'm 7 inches uncut. But my wife has always liked big cock. Even before we got married. At first I was kinda jealous and pissed off that she had fucked other guys after we got married. But after seeing her enjoying a guy with a big thick cock hearing her moaning seeing him making her cum with his cock I began to understand how she felt. She's a great wife to me she fucks my brains out. And now it's a turn on watching her fucking some guy that's hung. I'm still amazed that she can take so much cock in her pussy. And for me her pussy still feels the same as when we got married.

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