Girlfriend has me on strings

I fucked up my life my dating some crazy messed up girl. Honestly I was just gonna fuck a few times and leave, but then I realised what I was dealing with. She threatens to kill herself to me if I leave her, and blackmails me with loads of things. She caught me cheating and brought me to her house, tied me up and beat me for hours. She held a knife at my neck and said "you don't wanna mess with me anymore babe, trust me. You're mine". Since then it's mainly been her controlling the sex and humiliating me. She sits on my face, chokes me, whips me etc. She gave me a blowjob, and then spat my own cum into my mouth and forced me to swallow it. I didn't know what pegging was until we spend a whole weekend in her room doing it. I'm not gonna lie she is hot and has a great body, maybe I deserve some punishment for just looking for sex but this is just torture that I can't get out of. To be fair, The likes of pegging was arousing for me, but I don't think she intends for me to like it. I definetly am not gonna mess with her tho. She has me completely terrified of even questioning her. So I do like it and I don't like it. I feel like a girl, especially knowing my asshole is like triple the size of hers, but as long as no one knows it's kind of ok, I find her dominance sexy but she does go over the top, especially with beatings but the pegging and choking is sexy. I won't be able to stay like this tho, I will go insane like her. She genuinely is crazy.

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  • Yikes. Move states.

  • Ugh there's a whole lotta crazy up in this post - between your post and the response below.

    Look, this crosses the line into abuse. I think D/s relationships are fine. I think submissive males are fine. Pegging is fine. But beating and terrorizing you is not fine and not acceptable. There's lots of hot chicks that will dominate you without the extra crazy bullshit.

  • Just walk away then, look the opposite sex and even the same sex people will do this around you, even bad people will. I have a idiot who thinks he is upsetting me when all he is doing is making a fool of himself and digging his hole deeper, he raped me and now thinks he has kids to me and I have never had a living child to this man and I don't wish to. my doctors know I have no kids to him also. people act stupid out of controlling and bullying. this guy seems to think I will kill myself over him and I won't. I would kill myself if I got near him ever again. or just up and kill him and get my family to kill him. its that simple. see it for what it is a spoilt brat who needs a good kick up the bum and the best thing that could happen is someone shoving a light pole up this guys asshole and telling them to shove off. and you should leave your girlfriend. she doesn't love you. she is abusing you. using fear and games and I would run a mile from any twit like that. get the police to stop them bothering you.

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