Dominating my wofe

My wife is a bigger girl, or a bbw. Blue eyes, black hair, 36 DDD breasts, large, round butt, shaven tight pussy. She told me she was into being in a dom/sub relationship in our marriage, to which I was willing to be for her. Anything for my baby.

I told her I wanted her showered, hair sytled, makeup on and in her black lace top and black thong underwear. Also high heels. She spent two hours getting ready for me. She had green eye shadow on, red lipstick, hair styled lovely.

She stood there, quivering. I stood there and took her in and said "you. You're my pretty flower, and I will crush you".

I bent her over the bed and ran my fingers over her exposed buttcheecks, and gave her a smack. I told her I did not appreciate being in wait to fuck her, and for that, she will not get fucker by me until she's made it right.

I put her over my knees and spanked her large butt, watching her ass bounce. " oh, it hurts, Sir "she exclaimed, " are you talking back?" I gave her another spank. She tried to push away and I commanded her to stop. I gave her five more spanks on her ass to where it was a nice shade of pink, I ordered her on her knees.

I took her breasts out and caressed them, suckling on them. I took her nipple in my fingers and pulled up, she let out a gasp of pain and pleasure.

"Does my slut enjoy this?" She looked up and me and refused to speak. "I will ask again, does my slut enjoy this? Twisting a little more of her nipples. "Yes, Sir, your slut enjoys this".

Pleased with her, I made her take my cock out, she wentered to put it in her mouth, but I stopped her. " my slut needs to lick it like a lollipop if she wants it all in her mouth".

She licked it like I told her, from the tip on up to the base. Kissing it and stroking it. I instructed her to open her mouths wide and hands behind her head, lock fingers together and I slide my cock deep in her mouth. I pushed as far back as I could and held it there. She started to gag but I refused to pull out, eye shadow and mascara running down her face.

I started face fucking her and playing with her tits, pulling her head closer to me and my cock in her mouth all the way to the base. I took it out, Saliva and pre cum dripping down her chin.

"Lay down on your back, slut", she laid down and I straddled her face, shoving my cock deep down her throat. She started moaning, making me feeling pleasure from the vibrations. "Don't forgot the balls, they want love too". She put my balls in her mouth and rubbed her nose all over my cock, I had to slow down before I blew. I moved closer to her tits and told her " lick my ass, slut" she buried her mouth on my ass, licking and kissing it, jacking me off while rimming me, shoving her tongue inside my ass.

" well, my dirty little slut did good, yes?" I told her she can have a reward for this. I took her thong off and opened her legs, her thick, white thighs parting showed a glistening, wet pussy. I put my fingers in her and started to play with her, while licking and kissing her legs, moving towards the lips of her pussy. I lif ted her up a bit and buried my tongue in her ass, which was covered in her wetness.

I played with her, having three fingers in, making a trigger motion, hitting her g spot while licking her clit. I could feel her about to cilum, but I stopped. " you will come when I let you". She begged me to pleae let her come, saying how bad she needed it, but I refused. This went on for twenty minutes, until I could feel she was about to explode, I quicken my pace and said "cum, now!" She literally exploded all over my face ,squirting half way down the bed. .

I got up and shovedy cock back in her mouth and played with her pussy more, finally I said "does my slut want my cock in her?" "Yes, fuck yes, sir, fuck your fucking slut".

I pulled her legs up and over her head and piledrove right into her. Her tits were spilling into her face, pussy juice dripping down. She came in no time.

I made her hold her legs apart while I fucked her more, rubbing her clit while my cock went in and out of her.

I stopped and grabbed lube off the nightstand and told her " you've been a good girl tonight, and to make it better and you a bonus, I am going to fuck you in the ass."

I lubed my fingers up and poured some on her cute, brown asshole. I slide a finger in and she moaned, slowly slid another finger in, working up to stretch her out to let me get in as her asshole is always very tight.

While she was on her back and legs overt her shoulders, I slide my cock in to her ass. God, the feeling of her butthole taking in my cock just feels so great. As I started to slowly increase speed, she bit her lip and said " fuck your dirty anal slut, fuck me in my slutty ass" that was all it took for me to pound away.

I couldn't hold much longer so I told her to roll over on her stomach, arch her back up, spread her ass. I got on my knees and lifted myself to be on my feet, to get as deep in as I could. I shoved my cock balls deep into my wife's big, juicy, sweet ass.

I gripped her hips and took one hand to pull her hair while she is begging mr to fuck her harder. I couldn't hold much longer and told her I was going to cum in her ass. "Cum, cum in my slutty ass!" I shot my load that seemed to be a gallon inside of her ass.

I pulled out and she took my cock snd said "no, not done yet for you". She started sucking me off which surprised me, she never would have before, but I didn't care at that moment.

She bobbed up and down l, using her hand to guide and stroke me harder, suckling the head like a lollipop. I told her I was about to come again, she pulled me in and I came in her mouth, feeling her swallowing my second load.

Needless to say, this has become a part of our sex life, the dominant and submissive roles. Sometimes she acts bratty to get me to be rough on her, or she will not put out for awhile to build me up. She's amazing..

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