My wife

I met my wife when I was stationed in Korea back in the 90's and am probably one of the happiest guys because of her. We dated for about a year then got married and I must admit I was worried about it. I had no idea how my family was going to react or some of my friends I grew up with but back then I was young.
The day we were married began an unbelievable sexual adventure that just keeps on going and it is all because of her. We arrived back at the house after all the festivities and we had only played around feeling each other out up to that point. She had drank a little bit at our party but not to the point of being drunk so I attributed that first night of wild sex to her happiness. I woke up early the next morning and let her sleep. She came out to the garage when she woke up and asked if I had anything to eat yet, I had only made coffee. She made us breakfast and afterwards told me how happy she was that I married her, she grabbed my hand and pulled back to the bedroom. The only way I can think of to describe how she has sex is the word worship, I mean she is all about providing pleasure but she herself also gets an enormous amount of pleasure. Since we have been married I can honestly tell you that she has at a minimum given me a blow job every day, just this week alone she has given me ten blow jobs. I am not trying to brag about it because I am one of the happiest guys because of her sexual desire and willingness to just pleasure me all the time.
I enjoy watching football and in the first few years we were married she started watching it with me, I have a favorite college and professional team that I still watch to this day. The first few games I watched she seemed interested in the game then she added a twist, whenever my team scored a touchdown she would give me a blowjob. Sometimes she will just lie on the couch with me and continuously play with my cock thru most of a game. She has at times sucked and licked my cock continuously for hours and that happened last weekend while we watched the Alabama game against Tennessee.
I had no idea when we got married that she was going to be this unbelievable sexual woman but I have never regretted it once. There is not a thing she has told me she would not do and I was not really experienced with bondage when we got married but I had thought about it. She was so willing to do it and came up with ways to tie her up as well and back then we did not have the internet so we just made it up as we went. One of my favorite positions is to put her on her front side, knees bent with her ankles tied to her thighs and legs held apart at the knees. I tie each wrist back to an ankle and then tease her for as long as I want sometimes just sliding a finger over her lips for hours, teasing her clit. I put her on the floor and get her tied up then lift her right onto my lap with her hips across my knees. I can finger her for hours or use a vibrator on her, I love to listen to her little moans of pleasure and grunts of frustration while I play with her pussy. She has a pretty large and sensitive clit, her legs twitch when ever it is touched, I love to get my fingers right on it and continuously rub it in circles. I have given her countless orgasms doing this over long periods of time and she has never told me to stop. The only sexual thing she rarely will do is anal, she told me my cock way to big for that but she loves it when I finger her anus.
Our sex life has never diminished throughout our lives and as I write this I am thinking that today during the Texas game she is going to get tied up and played with the entire game and then some.

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  • My wife is from South Carolina and has been a nympho from day one, I was playing it slow because she was and still is one of the most beautiful women I have known. I was amazed when I asked her out the first time and she said yes to me. I asked her to marry me and she did not even hesitate to answer, we were at dinner and when I was driving her back home to her house she told me to pull off and go behind this store. I was parking the car and asked her what she wanted to do figuring we were just going to make out for a while like usual. She slid down on the seat and leaned over telling me to get my pants off, her face was right between me and the steering wheel while I was pulling them down and my cock no sooner popped out and she had her mouth on it.
    It has been that way ever since, she just tells me she wants to suck me and does it.

  • My wife is also from Korea, she is great at sucking cock and does it daily morning and night. I think her mom told her that if she kept me happy all the time then she would always have a great home. I can be just sitting around watching a race or just coming in from mowing the lawn and she will come over and ask me if I want a blow job. She wakes me up most mornings with one and every night she does it before going to sleep.

  • Thanks for the feedback but will not be training her for more anal. This past weekend was a lot of fun with her tied up watching football. She had numerous orgasms because the game was sort of a landslide victory for Texas so I concentrated more on pleasuring her. She had a lot fun as well and gave me a great blow job after the game.

  • Good for you guys. Happy marriages are rare.

  • This is what marriage is supposed to be.

  • What a wonderful story, thank you so much for sharing it, please persist with the anal because it is just so terrific my wife and I started about four years ago like your wife she was quite tight so we started training her arse with ever increasing sizes of butt plugs and dildos using plenty of lube and I fingered it all of the time it took about five weeks till she felt comfortable to try so she wore the largest butt plug all morning then I lubed her up had her suck me to hard and gently slid in with her in missionary with her legs over my shoulders, that made the easiest entry, we then started doggie it is just the best position because I feel dominant we virtually only do anal now and have been for the last three years

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