My Doting Grandmother Part 3

All good things must end.

While sucking my cock in a field behind our house Grams gave me some pointers in regards to dealing with women. The one that I have never forgotten was that although some women get turned out by words like cock, cunt, fuck, her included, most women don't like it. She said that most women like romance and tenderness, so my approach of "C'mon let's fuck" along with my pounding as soon as I'm in won't work with them. She said that every woman appreciates a thorough pussy-thrashing, but most of them prefer a slow, easy start. But the thing that really disappointed me was when she said very few women like getting fucked like she does but she did add that she could not understand why any woman would not like sex more after I fucked her. I didn't know it at the time but my Grandmother would become the standard by which I would gauge all the blow-jobs I received after her, and the one I was getting then was no exception. She sucked my cock like it was the most precious thing in her life, and when my cock was in her mouth I wished I could own her for the rest of my life. I held off for as long as I could before pumping a big wad of jism into her mouth, and to my pleasure semen shot from her nose twice. Grams swallowed what she could with plenty running from her mouth and nose and dripping between her luscious tits.

But as I wrote above, all goof things must end. At dinner that night with my cock throbbing under the table watching Grams' cleavage she informed us that her sister had called earlier with news that shattered my summer. Her sister's husband had passed away the day before and Grams had once promised her that should she ever be widowed that Grams would look after her. Her sister had mobility problems and required a live-in caregiver, and her husband had made sure there was money available to look after both of them. One of my Grandmother's other sisters (she had eight) was to pick her up the next morning and take her to their now-widowed sister. I was about to lose my on-demand fucking but I was moral enough to put my Great-Aunt's dilemma ahead of me and that night I went to bed heart-broken at my loss but more importantly at my Great-Aunt's loss and her future care. But my Grandmother wasn't finish yet.

That night I was awaken but the familiar feeling of Grams sucking my cock down her throat. I smiled at the sight of my cock completely in her mouth. She gagged a bit, straddled me and guided my cock into her tight, wet pussy then leaned over and whispered "fill my cunt with your juice", then she started to grind her groin on mine. I opened her night-gown and took her tits in my hands and watched as she swirled her hips on my throbbing shaft. After a few minutes she leaned down on my chest and ran her hot cunt up and down my cock as she began to tremble. "Oh gawd! I love your cock." and with that her cunt bean to spasm and she began to pant through her orgasm.

"Grams, I want to fuck your ass one more time." Still panting, and her pussy still oozing it's cream she said she'd like that. As she laid on her stomach next to me and presented the view I had come to enjoy I noticed her right leg was still trembling, then as I straddled her thighs I thought I saw somebody's reflection in my bedroom window. A look over my shoulder revealed nobody, but I wasn't convinced as I guided my cock-head between Grams' rounded cheeks. Slowly, I forced my cock into her ass and enjoyed her moaning and shaking as I buried every inch into her. Thinking of what she told me earlier that day I then eased outward, paused, then eased it all into her again. Slowly out, then slowly back into her gorgeous ass I then realized that even though she had nice, fair-sized tits, a cunt that I truly enjoyed being in and seeing my cock all the way into her face, it was seeing my cock go in and out of her smooth, rounded ass that was my favourite sight. I continued to ease in and out of her ass for a few minutes, taking in the view which the moonlight gave me and gradually picking up speed as Grams moaned and groaned in pleasure. I then slammed into her and paused, causing her to grunt, then repeated the thrust again causing her to grunt, then set to pummelling her the way I liked to. Grams was now moaning and squealing as my throbbing shaft drove in and out of her ass deep, hard and fast, and as I enjoyed the thought of my cock causing her pain, I again saw a reflection in the bedroom window. This time I saw it was my mother which at first worried me but when I realized she was watching I pounded Grams harder and soon had both of us bouncing on the bed. When I reached under Grams and took a firm hold on her tits she began squirming and shaking as she went into one of her full-body orgasms and I could sense my groin was ready to deliver it's load. I glanced under my arm and could see Mom was on her knees watching her son's cock slam in and out of her mother' ass and with four firm thrusts into Gram's ass I filled her with my jism then collapsed on her.

"Oh gawd... that was..." My grandmother panted and trembled as her orgasm continued to shake and twitch her body " are so... good!" She stopped trembling, almost limp with the occasional spasm and as I retrieved my cock from her squeezing sphincter I noticed that my mother was gone.

Sitting on the back of Gram's thighs I smiled as I watched my semen ooze from her asshole, wondering what Mom was going to say, especially since I saw her rubbing her pussy while watching her mother getting her ass pounded. I leaned over her and Grams twitched when my cock-head touched her ass-cheek, "Grams, I love you, and I'm going to miss You." She twitched again when my cock touched her inner thigh. "Did you see Mom watching us?" She shook her head as I let her roll over below me, then took hold of my cock.

"She used to watch me whenever I had somebody over." As I fondled her tits she told me, "I love you too, and I'm going to miss this thing." She squeezed my cock. "But we'll get together again."

Grams went to bed and I fell asleep wondering how I could travel the three hours whenever I wanted to fuck her, which if I had it my way would be two or three times a week. I also thought of Mom and wondered if she would tell me she saw what I was doing, particularly, fucking her mother's ass.

At breakfast the next morning Mom seemed to be afraid to look at me and Grams smiled when she too noticed it.

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