Sexual frustration

Sorry in advance if too vulgar. I also posted this on other sites to get advice.

I have been getting sexually frustrated, and I cant stop thinking about sex. I constantly fantasize about any woman i see. I even fantasize about younger girls. Even my aunts, cousins, younger cousins, friends of family. I cant hang out with my female friends without thinking about what they look like nude and vulnerable. I even play out scenarios in my mind where i would drug them or straight out overpower them and rape them. I would never do anything to hurt anyone. Im so horny, that its just the idea of sexual release that gets me hard. Whether its fucking a woman, an object or even a guy’s ass. Im not gay, but I just want the feeling of a warm tight hole to pleasure me – which is why i fantasize about little girls too. And I also want to hold and love a girl that id be having sex with, whether they are old, young, friend, family, or stranger. Is there a way that I can legit hook up with anyone, just to fuck a stranger, not care about anything or who we are [but that is also safe]?


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  • Little girls are so sexy

  • Get a sex doll. You can customize them to your exact desire (big/small tits, blonde/brunette/redhead, big ass/little ass, etc.), and good ones are relatively inexpensive. And she's always in the mood, says yes and lets you cum in her mouth.

  • ia good and a lot of people on there want the rape fantasy

  • Hmmmm..... typical dude IMO!

  • Your right. Also a typical idiot

  • There is no way to fuck a stranger that is guaranteed “safe”, though I highly recommend it. Go to bars. Pay attention to women, they’ll give you signals. I’ve fucked enough strangers to know it’s possible.

  • Just keep jerking off and calming yourself down.

  • Also up the number of times per day

  • You said you fantasize about younger girls. How young do you go?

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