I'm not gay but...

I'm not really attracted to men. Maybe if I was in prison with a long term... But I love to get fucked up my ass with sex toys. My last girlfriend indulged me for a while, but I think it weirded her out.

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  • Being around ken would make me non- acting gay person now.

  • I think everyone is bisexual, it's easier for a woman to be bisexual because it's more acceptable in society. Men can't reveal their bisexual side, because society seems to think it means he less of a man.

  • I'm the same way man. I'm not attracted to men but I love to dress in womens langerai and fuck myself with sex toys.

  • I wish I had a boy friend like you!! :(

  • Your special

  • Get a new girlfriend if she is weird about it, my wife does it all the time to me, it started when I suggested anal sex to her, yes she said straight away but there is a catch, if you fuck me up the arse I fuck your arsehole, I was a bit reluctant I have wondered many times what its like to take it up the arse,
    I thought why not I had suggested it to her I would look a wimp if I didn't, she had me on my hands and knees and was lubricating my anus then she finger fucked with one finger then two and three, she had brought a strap on specially, she slipped it in, it went in about three quarters then she had to do it I bit of pushing and it was all in after a bit of persuasion now I knew what it felt like to take it up the arse, then she really started fucking me she was really giving it me hard and fast, it felt really strange something going in and out
    I didn't like it, but after a short time it felt really good, the dildo she using on me was a six inch, next time she said I was ready for a bigger one, I am wondering what is the maximum I can take? how about somebody tell about there experiences.

  • Why do people think getting off by prostate stimulation must somehow be gay? Men have a gland up their ass and it feels good to stimulate it. What's the big deal, enjoy yourself.

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