I confess

I'm now 7 months pregnant . As soon as I told my husband that we we going to have a baby the sex stopped. I wasn't even showing yet but still he found it disgusting and would not hear of it. I'm don't know how to explain how incredibly horny I would get and still do. It's like an uncontrollable fire. I was able to make it a month by masturbating and using house hold items as toys. But the erges were growing and my ability to control them were shrinking. I have to admit that the first man I propositioned thought I was a prostitute and was concerned about how much I charge. I can't tell you how wonderful it was having sex with him over and over. Since then I have nearly lost count of how many men I have been with. Even now where I am very noticeably pregnant men have no problem having sex with me. I have been invited by more than one of the men I have been with to come over to their place or meet in hotels because they also know men that would love to have me. I am disgusted in my self for cheating. Yet can not control it . I just found this confession site. As I'm parked in a super 8 parking lot, I am going in to meet with an undisclosed amount of men. My panties are soaked I have stained my stretchies omg i can't say no.


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  • So you've probably had your little one by now, have things settled down with your sex drive yet? Or have you continued to meet up with others? :)

  • When my kids mother was pregnant, she was horny as hell. We would have sex all the time. When she was getting larger, it was doggie style. The one thing I'll never have again is breast milk

  • You go get yours i cliunt not get enough of my wife that was one of the best things about her given me two sons we had more sex i that time wow in the morning go to her work for lunch which she was lunch omg she was so great .!! Your man is a fool vo get your what he dont know wont hurt him

  • Sad to say but your hubby is a doofus. When women are pregnant it changes their hormones. So of course your horny. I really don't support cheating...but your man really screwed up. He couldn't possibly expect you to remain abstinent for 9 months. Its unrealistic with all that chaos going on in your body. They say wives have sexual duties to their husbands. It should ho both ways.

  • Thank you

  • Fuck the people who bring you down. You do you, and let them do you. If you know what i mean. As long as you are satisfied and happy. You are a grown ass woman, you can do whatever you want...

  • Thank you mister

  • My wife was very horny when she was pregnant, and I had know problem with having sex with her, even day before the doctor had said sex was ok the patowsan will help with the birth. From what she told me she had little time not wanting to have sex

  • It's on my mind constantly

  • Of course it is. And for me, it is very telling that you say, '...by the fourth month I was so horny I was crawling the walls.' I say that because there are times in my life where I not only got nothing, but I refused to serve my own hand. For me, four months -- same time you mention -- was about as far as I got.

    Here's why.

    By that time, I experienced a dull ache and the need to ejaculate pretty much non-stop. Completely flaccid, I was on the brink of a spontaneous orgasm ALL THE TIME. A woman brushing past me on a crowded sidewalk would make my seminal fluids feel as if they were starting to move. Of course, a dog nudging my crotch would have done the same. Seeing an attractive woman responding to a kiss from a boyfriend could trigger those tell-tale throbs in my genitals. A girl's butt pushed into me as we stood on a crowded bus would be all I'd need to give me an involuntary orgasm and send a simply massive ejaculation running down my leg. And I still might not have an erection.

    So what do you do? Do you let that happen? Do you let that massive effusion of bodily fluid escape on the bus? Do you let it happen in a business meeting? How about at temple or church? What about at family time? The fact is, there really is no 'good' time for that. Alternative? You change your behavior?

    If I kept refusing masturbation, the only question was WHEN and WHERE [in what company] that would happen. And you explain that...how?

    Your critics don't have to deal with that because they masturbate. But if I don't get it [one way or another], that's what happens. So don't ever consider suicide as a solution! And don't be put down because by masturbators who have no idea how hard you have to struggle with this. There is nothing wrong with your drive. That's what it's SUPPOSED to be. Your husband is the issue here.

  • So I'm confused , it's my husband's fault ? I feel like a tramp. I have just now gotten home from a sexual meeting with a man who lives just down the street. I feel like I want to call him to see if we can meet again right away. I'm so horny it's uncontrollable.

  • There is nothing immoral or wrong with your sex drive. It's very healthy. That’s what you’re SUPPOSED to feel. When he married you, your husband promised to be the answer to your sexual needs. He has abandoned that promise.

    Therefore you’re experiencing pretty much constant arousal. You’re extremely horny and fantasize uncontrollably. Your fantasizing arouses you even more, making you hornier and hornier. You’re wet all the time and have no release.

    Without release, your arousal can't dissipate. It only builds more and more. It affects your ability to function. You push it out of mind, and your own needy sex drive forces it back inside there. All you can think about is getting sex.

    All your life, society [especially patriarchal society] taught you what to think about this. But what you actually think and feel is opposite to everything you’ve been taught. That’s the problem. That’s why you feel like a ‘tramp.’

    I’m sorry that your husband has put you in a situation where what he ought to celebrate with you leads instead to self-loathing. But suicide is no option – for you or your baby. Nor are you a ‘bad person’ because of your legitimate need.

    But confronting your feelings won’t be easy. I recommend ongoing discussion in a safe, understanding environment where detractors won’t be present to malign you. If you feel the need for this, you can find that environment here:


  • I emailed you my name is Jen

  • I can't believe everyone is offering advice to someone who is blatantly lying.

  • Lots of people read these posts and may be able to use the advice in some way in their own lives.

  • Sorry -- I just realized that the 'four months' lady wasn't the original poster. But I think that the lesson still stands. I explained it from my male point of view. You girls will have to explain your own struggle with it as my sex doesn't give me the inside take on your experience. Still, I think the need of both women and men have many parallels. But again ... I'll leave that to the girls.

  • I am the original poster and I am not lying

  • I so very much miss my wife's pregnancy days! We were always having sex, probably an average of 3 times a day (never went more than a day without). She'd call me on my way home from work most days telling me not to stop in the living room to see the kids, head straight up into the bedroom because she needed it so bad... Siggghhh best days of my life! Believe me, I wish you and I were neighbors right now!

  • Maybe we are neighbors

  • My wife turned into a naughty little slut when she was pregnant - always telling me she wished I would bring home other guys from work to help me satisfy her unending sexual cravings! Sadly, this didn't continue after her pregnancies were over - sad because I now have friends who I trust and who would be discreet and who would gladly help me out with her. Argh...

  • I don't normally feel this way either , and none of this would have happened if my husband would pay attention to me.

  • I have heard of this sex hyper-drive during pregnancy many many times. Also guys declining sex with a pregnant woman either out of fear or turns them off.
    Unfortunately my ex was the other way around. She had no use for sex after she got pregnant and starved me out with no concern for me.

  • That's kind of how I feel my husband is doing to me

  • This isn't right. He is doing wrong by you. It's indecent. No other way to put it.

  • I know where the Op is coming from. When I was pregnant with my first child my husband wouldn't touch me and by the fourth month I was so horny I was crawling the walls. A man I worked with would tell me all the time how sexy he thought pregnant women were ,so one afternoon I finally said yes to his offer to go to his apartment. We carried on a sexual affair until my ninth month then it was over. Years later with my third pregnancy it was pretty much the same only with two different men who found pregnant women very attractive. I have never had the urge to cheat on my husband before or after its just been during those two pregnancies.

  • I confessed not to hear your insulting words, calling me a whore or anything else. Don't you think that I have thought the same thing about myself. Don't you think I have thought about devorse and even suicide. He is completely indifferent towards me, I feel like he doesn't give a crap. Yes I have the men use condoms and I love the attention. Meanwhile I feel like my hormones are raging. Oh and btw I didn't appreciate someone saying it's probably a bs confession after I poored my heart out. That hurt my feelings more than anything.

  • Probably because it sounds written by a 14 yr. old boy. You propositioned a complete stranger ? I mean, who else would've thought you were a whore ? Oh, and something else you need to keep by your side : dictionary ; noun;pronounced dick-shun-airy. Buy it, use it, love it !

  • Why do you find it odd someone would proposition a complete stranger? I have been stopped by strangers on the street many times.

  • Ever fuck any of them ?

  • Actually, yes, on three different occasions while I was walking home drunk I had sex with a stranger I met on the street. Once in an alley, once in a car, and one guy I actually brought to my house. He showed up a couple days later and we had sex again.

  • Honey be who you are, don't listen to the negative people here. You may be doing something wrong to one person but all the person's your having sex with are probably very happy. I for one think your confession is a turn on.

  • Get a bloody dictionary will you. Your post is bull crap, by the way.

  • I appreciate your post. Respect.

  • I had unprotected intercouse with a pregnant woman once (not my wife). She went on to have twins and to this day I don't know if the smaller of the two is mine.

  • You seem to have a misunderstanding of how twins develop. Unless this was a joke... than I find it hilarious.

  • In fact it's suggested to have sex while pregnant since it stretches the vagina preparing to braving said baby

  • There is no excuse for adultry. If you want to fuck someone else, file for divorce first. If I ever caught my old lady fucking another man, there would be a double homicide. You need to think about the impact of your actions on your childs life, put your own selfish needs on hold for a while, whore.

  • Cuckolding is no excuse for homicide and insisting on it will only expose insecurity. Refuse to pork your woman and someone else will do it for you. You'll have only yourself to blame.

    When he refused to touch this woman, this clown broke his vows and ended his marriage.

  • Would you refuse to have sex with your "old lady" if she needed it because of hormone changes making her super horny? Do not judge others unless you are in their situation. Plus I would like to add: There is no excuse for murder. Try that on instead.

  • I would not refuse my old lady some cock if she needed it and I was able to provide it. However, if she is not getting it, she needs to tell him she is going elsewhere to get it, then file for divorce if he won't accomodate her, not just fuck around behind his back like a whore. That is disrespectful and a violation of the marital contract. And, I have to disagree, there are MANY reasons to murder people, and someone fucking my old lady is one of those reasons, and she IS very well aware of that fact.

  • Well, I hope your old lady stays faithful to you, as the court would probably disagree on your whole "it was okay to murder her if she cheated and she knew that" defense.

  • Some men find pregnant women VERY sexy, and there is no risk of knocking her up!

  • Probably a bullshit confession, but there's an element of truth there for many. The only times when I cheated on my husband were during my two pregnancies, after month five. It was nice to be around guys who liked that, because frankly I felt very unloved and unsexy.

  • You were married to a real stupid motherfucker who probably thought his little dick would dent the baby's head !

  • Shame on your husband then. If my wife suddenly got horny all the time I would be thrilled and make sure she would never feel unloved or unsexy.

  • Fuck the husband. He sucks. Think of the baby. If you get an STI when pregnant you are permanently fucking over your child for the rest of his/her life.

  • Very true. Vaginal herpes infection can be fatal or permanantly disableing to a new born baby, as well as other bacterial infections which can cause serious health problems to the baby. Put your own selfish desires on hold for a few months and put your baby first, whore.

  • No need to scare her. If she's using protection and doing it safely she's ok. Let her get her cock bro why u cock blockin

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