Gloryhole mistake

So i went to a gloryhole just to try it. When someone finally came into the stall and he looked through. I saw him getting the condom on and I dropped my pants and backed up. He lined up and slowly went in; it is a different feeling and I enjoyed it. He fucked me for about 10 minutes and my cock was leaking precum. I felt his cock twitching as he ejaculated, he shook and slowed his role. He pulled out and I sat down to rest, my hole felt beat up a bit but also felt like a different kind of orgasm. I heard him leave. I got up and thought I felt excess lube so I wiped and got dressed, then I went to his stall. Empty condom. I thought oh fuck, closed the door and sat on the toilet. That asshole cummed inside me and I don't know what to do now

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  • Ok I'm kinda scared now. It's been itching for a few days and I think I scratched it so much it hurts now kinda like I'm bleeding but the itching won't stop. Does everyone get itching from anal sex? I'm really worried now guys please tell me that's all it probably is

  • Sounds like Herpes. 3-7 days after exposure, it starts out with tingling/itching sensation, then a painful sore with tiny blisters develop. You needs to go to Dr ASAP and get tested. No cure but they can treat future outbreaks.

  • Anybody??

  • You do not get itching from anal sex, you most likely have a hemorrhoid. Use some Preparation H or see a doctor.

  • Did you sing show tunes afterwards and watch Top Chef while eating expensive cheese?

  • What's that supposed to mean?

  • It is supposed to mean that you are gay, based on common stereotypes.

  • Don't be an idiot.

    A proper gay man would never sing with his mouth full of cheese.

  • I'm not gay

  • Keep wiping

  • Haha asshole. I didn't want it to happen

  • It was six days ago so this advice is too late, but you can take a drug called PEP within 72 hours of possible exposure. They call it the "HIV morning after pill".

  • What is done is done. Nothing you can do now. Get tested in the appropriate time.

  • When's that

  • Hopefully you got some aids shot up your butt. Homosexuality is a sin, and you will rot in Hell for all eternity if you do not repent and change your ways.

  • I'm not a bisexual fag

  • Shut up

  • You better hope being small minded and ignorant is not a sin.

  • Fuck yiu and your Christian life. The Bible is a big fairy tale

  • What about AIDS? Is that a fairy tale?

  • No, it is a disease. Straight people catch it, too.

  • Yeah, thanks to bisexual phags, that spread it to women who then give it to normal men.

  • Show a little gratitude to the straight guys that cheat on their wives with needle sharing, drug addicted whores and do not wear condoms.

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