Business trips?

I'm 21 and have been happily married for two years. My husband and I couldn't be happier. This year I started working for a medical supply company and our boss sent five of us to a two day conference out of town. It was my first time on a business trip. I had to room with my coworker Karen, who is in her early 40s and has become a pretty good friend and mentor--she actually trained me for my job. The other three were guys who work in sales who were about the same age as her.

After the first day we all had dinner and a few drinks together at the hotel. We had a good time joking around. I went back to the room that night, but Karen said she was going to have one more drink with the guys in one of their rooms. I didn't think much of it until she called me a half hour later and asked if I wanted to "join the party." I said "sure, whatever" and went over.

When I walked in, she was sitting in a chair, smoking a cigarette, while getting her pussy eaten by one of our male coworkers. The other two guys had their dicks out and were watching. I was totally shocked, because everyone there was married. Karen looked at me and laughed casually, "We thought you might like to join us."

The whole scene stressed me out, but I sat back and watched for a while, because it was mesmerizing. Eventually I joined in and we did somewhat of a daisy chain. I didn't fuck any of the guys (Karen fucked all three), but the oral was nice and I did have a couple of orgasms. Sucking different dicks was fun too. I felt really guilty afterwards. It was hard to look my husband in the eye when I got home, knowing that I had group sex on my business trip. I'm a Christian woman, so I felt like I was going to Hell or something.

I'm just curious if anyone else has cheated on their spouse on a business trip. Did you feel awful about doing it?


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  • I drive truck for a living and it was my wife who asked me to teach her friends daughter to drive. Well most of trips are for 14 plus days and i love sex and this 22 year old sweet heart loves sex as well. So it was our 3rd day out the first time we fucked and after that it was 2 or 3 times a day. When we got home my wife asked if i enjoyed myself and when i didnt answer she said she isnt on birth control so you may of knocked her up and if she is i would be hearing from her lawyer.

  • I used to go on trips with my young secretary and we used to book into a double, sleep together and have fantastic sex.
    My wife knew because on numerous occassions there would be her clothing or makeup in my bag, the first time my wife washed and ironed a blouse two skirts two pantie and bra sets and some pantyhose giving them to me the next day to take to work for Robin saying just keep it to yourselves I don't want to know, so now she does it whenever some of Robin's gear ends up in my bag

  • Darling your hooked now next business trip you will be top of the hit parade, you will fuck them like a slut and love it.
    Make sure your on the pill and try to refrain from sex with hubby for at least the week before so you will be keen, horny and eager for the guys.
    Who knows you might be able to get something going with Karen as well

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