Father-in-law perved on me

I was hanging out yesterday with my husband at his parents' house for a dinner party. There were about a dozen people there. My in-laws are pretty cool and we've always gotten along. We had a good time drinking and hanging out talking.

At one point I needed to get a couple of drinks for my husband and I, and my father-in-law showed me where he had some down in the basement fridge. I was in heels, tipsy, and it was a little dark, but we went down together. We were alone.

When I opened the fridge, I bent down to get some beers from the bottom shelf. My FIL was behind me and I felt him put his hand under my skirt. Had I not been wearing panties, I think he would have slipped in a finger. I could totally feel his intent.

My heart jumped and I freaked and said, "What are you doing?" He just said "sorry" and apologized. I was speechless and didn't say anything, because I like him and was still in shock.

The rest of the night was normal, but I still felt weird. I have not told my husband that his dad felt me up, because he would shit. I just feel so awkward about the fact that he did that. It was so odd. What's wrong with guys?

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  • Let it go, he was drunk, and obviously thinks you're attractive. You should at least leave a pair of panties somewhere for him that are covered in your juices so that he can at least smell your scent and relieve himself. Leave them somewhere where you know that only he will find them, or just give them right to him, and tell him you're not mad, and that you understand that he made a mistake, and give him the panties and tell him that that will be the closest he ever gets to your pussy.

    Then you can carry on without feeling wierd, and I bet he will really appreciate that. I sure would

  • You are really inconsiderate you should have dropped them and bent over and taken it

  • Why are you such a prude, you've had the son why not have his dad keep it in the family, you were really wrong to reject him you should have pulled your pants down for him there and then

  • We want pussy and lots of FIL have fun with the DIL. Lots of stories in here on that.

  • One time my gf now wife, I misjudged her and was holding her down while she was saying no thinking she'd like it. Ya well my bad, some things you just don't know unless you try I guess....

  • I'm not sure what's wrong with me.

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