I want a serious relationship with her

I've been in a relationship for a year, the sort of relationship that while isn't exactly forbidden, it isn't encouraged either. It won't get you in jail or anything, but it's really frowned upon.
Not because of the fact that I'm a 31 year old guy and she's 20. It isn't that we're on a secret, casual and open relationship either (we do go on dates secretly, but we mostly meet up to fuck). It's the fact that we're related: we're cousins. It's not illegal where we're from, but you get the picture.
I'll just say it started when we bumped into each other at a club, we were both alone, a little drunk, we hadn't seen each other in years (last I saw her she was a kid, and we were never close to begin with), and we just let the spark of attraction do its thing. I asked if she needed somewhere to spend the night and offered my place. I don't need to tell you what happened next.
This has been going on for a year, and we've kept it that way because of how great it is: fucking together is like atomic fireworks, she's the kind of open-minded lady that know how to enjoy herself sexually, and use that to pleasure a man in the sweetest or dirtiest way possible. And it's been completely casual: we meet up to fuck just for the sake of it, or if we have an itch, or if we want to try something new before we do it with other people. We've gone on a few dates but only for some fun, as an appetizer for the real thing.
Problem is, since our last few dates, i've been developing this feelings for her. I genuinely care for her and like how bright and funny she is outside of the sack as well. She's a blast to be around of, and I've discovered how kind and sweet she is too...
Which leads me to the problem: I want to formalize the relationship, ask her for us to date openly and acknowledge each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. The age gap is the least of the issues, as our families are rather conservative. they'd disown us immediately, I'm sure. That's what holds me back on it.

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