17 female what are some ways different things I can use or techniques etc to masturbate? I wanna try experimenting with different stuff

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  • The queen in 90s still out riding things while baby born, a bit sick. can't she fall off, wants to ride something else still too hey? doer old hag.

  • I had a girlfriend who fucked the entire team at school. you could try that. they would love it. My girlfriend took all of them and then fucked me without bathing. it was awesome

  • Gangbangs?

  • At this point Shannon is a legend

  • Thanks so much..shannon

  • Just keep rubbing your little penis-clit, treat your attention deficit disorder, and bury both of those zombie parents after shooting them in the head ! Oh, and I'd be embaressed too if I was such a bad liar.

  • Your real mean and i wish my mom was here. you made me sad. I dont have a mom anymore..

  • Your mean.. Shannon

  • Can somebody please get back to me. Im in bed and i cant sleep and im realy embarassed.hugs and xxxxxx shannon

  • Bed posts hairbrushes cooking utensils bottles pillows the wall you name it. Just make sure you cover anything insertable with a condom to prevent infection

  • Hi its shannon. My daddys gone away for copil of days and my baby siiter is going to mind me. I realy wish i could talk to somebody. I wish my mom did not die and i realy wish i had a big sister. Hugs shannon..

  • Could somebody please tell me what to do. Im realy embarassed. Im in my room doing my hom work. My dads comeing home from work and i cant even look at him because my face goes so hot.please hugs from shannon

  • Try a candle, skinny one not a fat or jar haha. I’ve used cucumbers before there fun then you can wash them and eat them.

  • Hi it shannon. Im almost 12 and i said something yesterday. Im realy embarassed though. I was lyeing on my bed and took all my clothes of and was rubbing my vagina. my dog licked me down there and it felt nice. but im sooooo embarassed because my dad saw me and looked and closed my door. I dont even have hair down there yet and i dont even have a trin bra. My mom died when i was just little. i wish i had a big sister and my face goes realy red when i see my dad. please i dont know what to do..love shannon..

  • Hairbrush, pens, remotes. They should work hun Xx

  • Im almost 12 and it was an accidend. But i was rubbing my vagina and my dog was in my room and he licked me down there and it felt so nice. Im realy embarassed because i have no hair down there yet and my dad caught me. I was so red and i had no clothes on. But he looked and closed door. My mom died im realy embarassed..shannon.

  • Oh my...

  • Shannon can spell embarrassed but not ‘really’ or ‘couple’? I call BS on Shannon being a 12 yr old girl.

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