First time

My wife and I went to Bristol one weekend for her to be fucked by an acquaintance of ours. We waited till about six pm gor him to arrive. My wife was waiting for him nervously on the bed. He came in said high told my wife to come to him and as she stood there he kissed her so animalistic that it instatly made me hard. She moaned as he stroked her pussy and I could see her nervousness was gone. I stood the the rest of the night watching him fuck my wife in any position he could. Emptied his balls numerous times. Now my wife and I are closer and more in lust than ever.

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  • I'd love to watch my virgin fiancée get fucked like this. The humiliation of losing the chance to ever take her virginity is overwhelming and turns me on so much! I want to watch another man feel my fiancée's virgin cunt squeeze his cock tighter than any pussy he's ever fucked. I hope he's much bigger than me, so that he could actually feel all over her virgin cunt (if I would have been her first, that would be impossible). He'll enjoy knowing and feeling the first orgasm caused by a cock. I hope he fucks her as hard as possible, after her cunt adjusts to his size. I hope she cums nonstop and begs for him to fuck her virgin pussy harder. I hope he enjoys the most alpha experience he'll probably ever get, knowing he's taking my fiancée's virginity and will always have it, and I can never get it from him. He'll obviously know he's much bigger than me, too. I'll tell him not to ruin her pussy for me, so that he does the complete opposite. He'll own her virginity and knows it won't be the last time. I hope he fucks her enough to start making her his slut. As he fucks her virgin cunt, I'll let him know all the things my fiancée never does with me (rimjob, anal, and cum swallowing), so that I can hear them say he'll be the first of those, too. As my fiancée's virgin cunt squeezes his cunt in tight spasms, I'd love to be told that those are things she'll only do with him, unless I can make her cum with my small cock. I hope I can never make her cum, just so I can feel the humiliation of failing to make her cum with my cock. I hope he can find a way to fuck her virgin pussy harder, just to taunt me. I want to see the cock that now owns my fiancée's virginity prove that it deserved to be the first.

    I hope the tightestness and the alpha experience makes him shoot the biggest load he's ever had, as deep in her pussy as he can, as he becomes the first man to cum in her pussy. Each surge of cum will be sucked and squeezed out by the final moments of her virgin cunt.

  • Wow u started off that fast? No drinks or anything? Careful ur wife doesn't go behind ur back to get that dick bro. I usually make it a rule the guys that my girl uses as fuck toys have to take my dick down their throats as well. I'll let them dominate her and do whatever but then I dominate them. I've even pissed on a few of them. My girl fucking loves it.

  • We met before hand with him to get to know him. It wasn't just random. He is an acquaintance not a stranger. We have rules about her fucking men so we are good.

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