Middle School Chicken Hawk

After physical ed. I watched for Bobby. I was 15, so was he. I was a skinny, self-conscious dork with a bad complexion. He was a taller, but still skinny half-retarded dork with a unibrow , horn-rim glasses, and effeminate mannerisms.
I was okay at sports, he was hopeless. This made him the target of bullies. I empathized because, sometimes I was too. I helped him where I could on the field, but he stood apart, bored and preening. In the showers he had a fine ass, and a large penis with a forest of dark pubes. I was finding myself attracted to girls and boys, and I would watch as he dried off, slowly, then sat and willed his dick into a state of impressive erection just by watching other naked and semi-naked boys in the locker room. One day in the showers two other boys laughed at Bobby, and one of them got an erection. He stroked it at Bobby and jeered, "You want this thing, sweetie ? " Bobby stared at the guy's dick, and a fight almost broke out. Coach broke it up.
I knew Bobby went home through a section of woods right across from the school campus, on his stupid Pee Wee Herman bike. I knew those two boys went home that way, as well. That afternoon, though it wasn't my way home
I followed Bobby. About halfway into the woods, they had him waylaid, books strewn about, bike knocked down. They had his pants down, they had their pants down, they were hard, Bobby swung at semi-hard. The fuckers asked me to join them and I shamed them back into their pants, threatening to tell the whole fucking school if they didn't get the fuck out of there. They left shamefaced. Bobby sort of cowered. I asked him if he wanted them to fuck him. He said he didn't know. I told him to take me to his house and we would find out. I was feeling a strong and strange sense of power. I wanted to consume him completely.
He took me to his house, not a quarter mile away. His mother. a divorcee, wasn't home and I had to beg my way inside. "Mama won't like it !" and "Mama say it'll make trouble, hard dicks and wet pussies, alone !" We made out until we were naked and both of us hard as forty-dollar coal chisels. We took turns one kneeling before the other. We both sucked the other off, swallowing the ejaculate. Nine inch mothering-fucking cock, mine a measly six inch in comparison. He loved it, he fucking loved it up his girlie ass too ! We even met as adults and had sex.
I would hawk others, most younger than me, over the years. I loved the power exchange, and sometimes I would bottom. The few I hawked back then, black and white, boys and girls were special.

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