Neon Slime

My niece shares my fondness for all things sleaze. We love strip clubs, dive bars, adult bookstores, x-rated cinemas. Recently, I gave her a tour of the neon slime district of the town in which I live. She's twenty-eight but looks and acts eighteen, is quite pretty, and is an avid understudy of the lowlife. We started at a Mexican restaurant frequented by crack / ice whores of multiple genders. The Tejano muzak is drowned out by high-pitched jabbering nonsense as we choke down the greasiest tacos this side of the border. Sharing a forty dawg of malt liquor and my vape pen we cruise the parking lot of the most dangerous no-tell motel I can find. Drug zombies lurch about, whores wave at us, pimps glare at us. She wants to see the inside of a room, but, I'm not going there, too expensive just to see the décor, state of disrepair, and cum stains. Being the only uncle she actually trusts, I'm not going to fuck her. I take her to a movie theater that shows soft-core porn and some hentai, but, allows the patrons to jerk off, jerk each other off, blowjobs, and sometimes fucking. They define a couple as a man and a woman, so, we get in free. The theater is very dark, and we get seated with difficulty. Guys surround us, cocks out, stroking, thinking we're going to expose parts and feel each other and we politely demur. That marks us as "watchers". When my niece sees this tall guy who looks like Kenny Rogers, and he's stroking this foot long dong, she gets up and goes over, sitting beside him. I move over and sit behind them. Closer, the guy looks like a spook house Kenny Rogers with a massive schlong. She reaches over and strokes him, up and down, then, gripping the fat head. After a bit, she leans over and with surprising expertise engulfs his cock, and blows him. She does it so well he doesn't last long. She withdraws and jerks the cock snot out of that motherfucker better than the bullshit on the screen. I take her to an adult bookstore where the mini-movie booths have glory holes. She blows or strokes all the cocks presented, and there were many and varied. When one comes through wrapped in a condom, she looks at me and lowers her jeans and thong panties and backs up to, and onto it. I start to leave the booth but she stops me and asks me to jerk off while she fucks. I pull it out, I'm hard, I put on a French tickler and eventually jack off into it. My niece comes loudly, and my French tickler plops off onto the floor with a wet splat. And, she started giggling so I started giggling and we had to get the fuck out of there !

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  • My husband has taken me to several adult theaters in the Seattle area and the same thing happens there. I am 23 short and well put together and my husband loves showing me off and one evening I jerked 11 guys off, got fucked by a good 14 times and gave more than 20 BJ's and I had cum flowing from all three holes, one big Mexican I remember to this day, never seen him again tho even tho we've been back four time and I definitely look for him.

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