Hot for teacher

I've been married 13 years and work as a secretary at a local school. My husband and I have two kids, a nice house, and our relationship is good, except the fact that we hardly have sex anymore. He's pretty much lost interest. We have sex maybe once every two months and it's usually boring.

I've become friends with one of the new teachers at school. He's a bit younger (he's 28, I'm 36) but we have a lot in common and have been going out to lunch regularly. We've talked about our marital issues and he too is somewhat dissatisfied. We started flirting almost immediately, as we had a natural attraction. He's gorgeous and has the most beautiful eyes. His mind is beautiful too.

After two weeks of flirting, he kissed me in the parking lot. I basically melted and turned into a hormonal mess. I wanted him so badly. We were in his car, and I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his beautiful cock. It wasn't big, but it was thick, with a nice curve that looked like it could hit a g-spot. The head was lovely. I sucked him until he filled my mouth with cum. He was so sexy, and I was deeply touched that he gave me his innermost self. He gave me oral too, and I had an orgasm after only a few flicks of his tongue on my clit. I was red hot. I was dying to fuck him right then, but his car was too small and we were in a parking lot at work, of all places. It just didn't work.

We've been carrying on a little since then, texting and sexting. A part of me wishes I never met my husband. I'm in love with my teacher friend, and in another time, in another place, I think we would have been perfect together. I really, really want to make babies with him. Oh, the cravings. . . .

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  • Affairs are messy business. As exciting as they are in the beginning they are usually found out. The excitement is spoiled with much heart ache and pain.
    What was once a secret is now out in the open with rumors and gossip flying.

  • Go have sex in the teachers lounge. Do it today.

  • Big trouble loom's here darling, you two better start planning a plan B make 100% sure he is prepared to move with you but some how I think not that is one thing you can never be certain of, your getting into real deep shit just stop it and love your current life or you will be real sad for a long while I am sure of that

  • Dont be stupid.
    Fix and keep your marriage.
    Fuck him on the side.
    or who knows, your hubby might have a fantasy of 3some.
    talk to him.

  • This is going to end in tears very badly better refrain

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