My secret

During the summer, actually it was in early August. We had all of our friends over for a BBQ and party. There wasn't any specific reason just a party. Many of us swam during the day in our pool ,so most of us women were wearing bathing suits or bikini tops and cut offs like I was. As the day went on many people got very drunk , I tend to flirt more when drinking. My husband hasn't ever said anything about it also he hasn't ever said anything about the fact most of the guys we hang out with hit on me all the time. Well as the evening turned to night I was drunk and exhausted so I excused myself to everyone and went upstairs to bed. I could hear everyone having a good time as I feel asleep. I'm not sure how long it was after I woke to see the bedroom door opening , I figured it was just my husband I couldn't make out anything else because it was very dark. The thin sheet I was laying under was slowly pulled off of me, exposing my naked body. Again I thought it was my husband going to get some which I'm all for. My legs were spread and he started going down on me , at this point honestly I knew it wasn't my husband, but I didn't do anything to stop it. Then he scooped under my legs and drug me to the end of my bed. He started slowly at first I could feel that he was way way bigger than my husband , I couldn't make out his face still as his motions increased to an incredible pace , I started moaning and making noise then it happened I had my first true explosive orgasm. Just as I lay there breathing hard and quivering as he continued to hump me harder and harder finally I could feel him coming in me. A few seconds later he was gone. I never told anyone and up until yesterday I didn't know for sure who it was. Yesterday for what ever reason talking with a couple we know the subject of cheating came up , we all said that we would never do that. I was alone for about one minute with my friends husband when he said to me. Well we both have cheated at least once but that's our little secret. I stared at him in disbelief. He said you should really call me sometime I think you were the hottest fuck I've ever had.

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  • This is very informative and interesting.

    You take on truly oversized dick and soon have your first, truly mind-blowing climax. Once you discover what sex is supposed to be, your body will only keep demanding it.

  • So I am finding this out

  • Looks like you might have a bit on the side if you want it xx

  • He was here yesterday. Things are heating up quickly.

  • Great to hear! Can you lay out some detail -- tell us how this came about, what happened, and where things now stand?

    You say that he's 'way, way bigger' than your hubby, and that he can go at an incredible pace [supposedly because he doesn't have to worry about sliding out while making those high-speed moves]. I can see that between the pace and the stretching, your climax must be pretty devastating. But again -- it would be so much better coming from you ...

  • I wait for him to come over almost every day. He's so sexually strong. I get wet and horny when I see him.

  • Yes. His endowment allows him to do things your husband can't. It also lets you move as you need to to maximize your own pleasure. And he has the stamina to give it to you good.

    This must be a real learning experience. You thought you knew about sex, but he has raised your understanding of sexual experience to a new level. He is so 'manly,' that you cannot help responding when you see him. He MAKES you feel submissive ... and that you are SUPPOSED to do these things with him.

    Unleash all your femininity on him! Make him 'yours.'

  • How I allow him to take me when ever he wants

  • I even dress or undress the way he tells me too

  • Excellent! He is taking some 'ownership/responsibility' in the relationship. It is not just you seducing him; he is becoming a partner. ;)

  • He told me yesterday that he really likes fucking me

  • Again, excellent! I gather it's reciprocal! You're better than Lisa at pleasing David. What is hotter or more powerful than a really big cock that knows what it's doing?!

  • I think about it around the clock, it is almost the only thing I think about now

  • Excellent! A very healthy response!

    And I bet that just reading these lines about Dave's heavy endowment thrashing and churning inside you until his load bursts, splattering and spraying into your womb, must leave you dripping wet and aching for it!

    Am I right?

    You're fantasizing uncontrollably. Have HIM do the same. Get him absolutely ADDICTED to your charms! MAKE him helpless to resist and unable to live without what you give him! You say that he really, really likes taking you? Work on making it better and better for him.

    David needs more than Lisa, and his endowment and stamina certainly deserve more! Make him unleash all his passion on you! The fact is, you're a much better sexual partner than Lisa. But you want him to TELL you that!

    You can't tell her this but the truth is -- Lisa should be grateful that you're giving David so much more than she ever will. He's a good man. He needs to be cared for. And you're in his life for just that reason.

    Lisa may be David's wife, but YOU'RE the woman to rock David's world.

    Every. Single. Time!

  • They came over to have some drinks out by our fire pit last night. All I could think about is the sex we had and how big his thing is. They argued most of the time they were here. They always do. When they were leaving I first gave her a hug goodbye then him. He whispered please let me come over tomorrow, which is now today.

  • Are you going to call him?

  • We've exchanged text messages a few times

  • Did you suspect it was him at any point? Had you narrowed it down to a few possible guys?

  • Wholy shit that's hot , lady you are a true slut. Tell me are you going to fuck him again ?

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