Business trip

I went to a conference out of state with five other co-workers and all of us are women. We had a great first day and the second day was a little more challenging which led to three of us sitting in the bar restaurant having dinner and drinks decompressing. We were having fun and after about two hours one of the women left to go back up to her room. The two of us kept talking and I will call her Linda for the story.
Linda and I probably had three glasses of wine as we talked then she let told me that she should not have had so much wine because it gets her motor running. She then shook her shoulders back and forth and made her breasts wiggle. I laughed at that and told her well you know what happens at the hotel stays at the hotel.
She then leaned over some more and lowered her voice asking me, "So do you want to go back to my place Honey?"
I laughed again and told her she needed to be careful or she was going to get my motor running. We sat there staring at each other for a few seconds but it felt like a minute, we then laughed together and talked for a few more minutes before heading over to the elevator.
We were on the same floor but our rooms were far apart but we were going to pass hers first and as we were approaching it she slid her hand under my arm and asked if I wanted to come in for a nightcap. I told her sure why not.
We were in her room for all of a minute when she turned towards me and kissed me deeply. I had never been with a woman before and in no time at all she had her hands caressing my breasts. She stepped back and began unbuttoning my blouse and all the rest of my clothes were in a pile at my feet in no time at all. She then kissed me again and guided me over to the bed, I laid back and she crawled on top of me and began kissing and licking my body. I remember looking down at her long black hair and running my fingers through it as her tongue started dancing across my lips and clit.
She continued until I was moaning out with pleasure, waves of pleasure. I was soaked and she just would not stop licking me to orgasm after orgasm. She came back up my body and kissed me deeply giving me a taste of myself all over her lips.
My hands were exploring her body and she turned onto her side then I climbed up on top of her and kissed my way down her torso for my first experience pleasuring a woman. She was so sweet tasting and her clitoris was much larger than mine, I let my tongue caress it and her hips responded with each touch. I circled it over and over then licked it back and forth, she was moaning out how great it felt and I just kept repeating that until she had an orgasm. Her body was really nice compared to mine having had two kids already but she wanted more of me and had me back down on the bed in a few short minutes licking me to orgasm again.
We slept for the night in her room but some time in the early morning she crawled under the covers again and started licking me. I did not resist at all and had another wonderful orgasm. We repeated the same thing pretty much the next night but got started a little earlier. We have not met up again since coming back to the office but I am looking forward to it when it does happen.

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  • When I read this oh I wish I was a woman.

  • Hot mature woman and younger gal having some first time lesbian sex makes me drip precum. I can think of you two kissing deeply in a tight embrace with nipples pressed together then holding each other at night after multiple orgasims

  • You’re story of details got me soaking wet... thank you I’m jealous.

  • May i have an application please? I'd like to work with you both :)

  • Ha! That’s funny!

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