So we heard it happening

Our young, 23 your old daughter who is separated from her U.S. Marine husband, lives with us for the time being. Once in a while she will bring home guy friends to hang out with. Last Thursday was no exception, except the friend she brought home was a nice black man from her job. He shook our hands an seemed like a good guy. Perhaps a little thuggish, but in an attractive way. My wife an I decided to go to bed after a while. Latter, I woke up in the night and could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex. Not quite sex, full in loud fucking your brains out sex and the female voice was that of our daughter. Like a tone of bricks it hit me she was being fucked senseless by the friend if hers she brought home. I couldn't believe it, right here in our home this black man was using our daughter for his own selfish pleasure. For some reason knowing he was using her was totally turning me on.

My wife and I layed there in bed listening to this black man use our daughter, like he had a right to, as we both masturbated listening to the ordeal. My wife kept saying how as white people we deserve this.

She even went so far as to say we should be willing to serve black men as reparations. I don't know about that, but I know hearing my wife say that sure made made me cum hard.

Should this be the start of our servitude to Black men? Like to hear your thoughts.

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  • Hot post. Bet it ended with that black man cumming inside your daughter. Is she on birth control? If not expect black grandbabies soon. If she is she will most likely come off birth control soon to have a baby.

  • Your wife is a freakin snowflake and she needs an attitude adjustment. Servitude to black is nothing but bs as the negro race is a dying breed and only a minor segment of the total population. Asian, latino, and indian numbers by far exceed negroes. With the continued help of Planned Parenthood and the Democrat party, we may be able to eliminate the dark population completely. Reparations are a crock of shit as most people anywhere nowadays never had anything to do with slaves, either as owning one or being owned. Besides, in so many places for so long it was the law of the land. Perfectly legal. It is still practiced today in Africa. All those warring tribes, civil wars and insurrections have the winning sides making slaves of the losing sides and forcing them in indentured service or conscripting them into slave labor. If any reparations are owed anyone here it is your daughter owing reparations to her Marine husband (who deserves a few shots at the spear chucker). Sorry to hear of your misfortune dude but you need to man up and kick the daughter out of the house and side with the valiant Marine husband who puts his life on the line protecting our liberties. The daughter is a skanky whore and should get nothing out of the divorce. Karma is a bitch and she will get what she deserves. Work on your wife bro or she may be gone. You don't need her going over to the dark side.

  • Marines don't deserve this kind of abuse, you should all be ashamed of yourself, your wife, you, and especially your cheating harlot daughter.

  • Wow that's really hot. I was 23 in college far away from my bf, havent had sex in 4 months, wanted to have a hook up. Went on tinder didn't find anyone interesting until I found this cute black guy who was ghetto. I hit him up. He didn't go to college but lived near it. We texted each other for a week. I went to his house, we started making out, which lead to sex. And wow was he big and thick.what they say is true once u go black u won't go back. Few days later broke up with my bf and dated this black guy from tinder.

  • Better start watching that wife or yours. Sounds like she's caught up in the FAKE black bs. Try to get the background checked, what you find won't please you. Mean time, kick that dead beat daughter of yours out of the house. No good is going to come out of this for your I'm afraid.

  • Thoughts? I'm thinkin 'wtf is wrong with ppl?' Reparations? You and your wife are idiots and it sounds like you raised an idiot for a daughter...congrats.

  • Let your wife fuck him.

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