Sharing Wife's Pictures With Best Friend

I have shared nude pictures of my wife with my best friend of 30 plus years. He has jacked-off to them and he has re-payed the favor by sharing nude pictures of his wife so I could jack-off to her. We have talked to and tried to get our wives to try a wife swap. They have said no but I know that they are thinking about it because I have seen some of the text messages between my wife and his wife on my wife's phone where they have talked about it. We will just have to wait and see I guess. So right now he and I have been just jacking off to each other's wife and we are hoping to be able to swap wives fuck them.

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  • Have a party, get them drunk....have some rope handy...they may want to do it but feel bad agreeing so put it in away that they can pretend they said no but got the full on experience of a 4 some.

  • I recently started sharing pics and videos of my wife with her best friend's husband. my wife loves to makes pics and videos now, though it took some time before she was comfortable. His wife is much more shy but he managed to get me a handful of pics. We always talk about wife swapping and i've even mentioned it to my wife who is all for fucking her friend's husband but is not thrilled about me fucking her best friend. Her friend however, is wayyyy to much of a prude to ever try it. His wife has a gorgeous pussy. i can't stop picturing it when i see her.

  • I have this hard core group of friends, four of us, and we've been friends for years. When we were young and crazy we had this thing where every time we fucked a girl we had to take a naked picture of her to show the group to prove we'd fucked her.

    Back then I met this girl and she was really into getting her picture taken, naked, sucking my cock, getting fucked, everything. I showed the guys these pics and I was a legend. Some of the guys wanted copies so I let them have them because at the time she was just another fuck to me.

    I ended up marrying her and even though the guys never mentioned it after they knew things had become serious with her I still know that they have all seen her naked, seen her sucking cock and being fucked. And I know some of them may still have copies of those pictures.

  • A few years ago a friend of mine got me to fix his computer and I found all these videos of him and his wife fucking. She is such a sweet little thing, very respectable and proper but she fucks like a rattlesnake.

    My favourite one is the first time they had anal sex. She says all these crazy things like.
    "Be careful. I've never had a cock in my ass before."
    "It's OK, put it in a bit deeper."
    And my favourite. "Oh God that feels good. I love your cock in my ass. Fuck me. Fuck me up the ass."

    Every time I see her now I think of that last one and almost burst out laughing.

  • I got one better than that. My boss, whose about 40 and kind of hot, got me to replace the battery in her laptop and while I had it I checked out her files, as you do, and found some videos of her getting fucked. My favourite is some guy fucking her from behind while she's bent over a desk or something looking behind her the whole time saying "In my ass, in my ass, stick it in my ass. My cunt, stick it back in my cunt. Back in my ass, stick it in my ass." It's hilarious and the poor guy just couldn't keep up with which hole she wanted it in.

    But now every time I look at her I think of that and it's a real struggle not to laugh. She just thinks I'm a happy chappy because I smile like an idiot every time I see her.

  • My best friend and I have been watching videos of each others wives and jerking off to them for years now. We're getting worse as the years go by. It used to be just nude pics but now it's full on fuck videos and we watch them and jerk off together. It's such a turn on though.

  • My best friend (of 30 plus years too) and I recently showed each other nude pictures and videos, including fuck videos, of our EX wives. We would never have even thought of wife swapping or fucking each others wives when we were married, but now they are both exes we talk about how we used to fuck them and the things they liked to do when we watch the videos.

    It's a huge turn on watching his wife, who I'd known for years and who'd always been this sort of out of bounds woman because she was married to my best friend, sucking cock, copping it doggy and prancing about naked like some crazy slut. It was a turn on too seeing him get turned on watching my ex wife copping it.

  • It sounds like it's only a matter of time before you swap wives. Good for you. I shared wife pics with my friend, and when my wife found out about it she got really angry. She said she felt violated--whatever. However, when my friend's wife found out that he was sharing pics of her, she was flattered that I jerked off to her pics. She even told me somewhat jokingly that she would like to see me stroke one out sometime. I'm not sure if she was serious, though, as she never brought it up again.

  • It would be a nice arrangement if you started sharing your wive's, my wife and her best friend have had a lesbian relationship since high school we go everywhere together and stay in the same room when on holidays or just a weekend away, I do not fuck her best friend but she is so hot I really would love to, we don't mind seeing each other naked or having sex it is a real turn on for me so usually I go second's

  • Do you jack each other off? Bet they want to see that.

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