Middle School Teacher's Confession

I feel like I am turning into a pervert.

I am a married, straitlaced, mild-mannered father in his mid 50s. I teach middle school (6th - 8th grades) and have done so for almost 30 years.

I never thought the girls would be a "distraction" but that started changing a few years ago. I found my eyes wandering...those short shorts, those short skirts. I found myself waiting for them to shift so I could get a peek even higher...when I see their skimpy little panties I am just transfixed. Who is letting their daughters dress like this - let alone wear panties like that?

If this weren't bad enough, I'm finding myself thinking about them more and more away from school ... its gotten to the point where I am rushing home after work so I can have an hour of alone time to work out my frustration before my wife gets home.

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  • Thats normal...little girls are hot

  • I no what you mean. I love preteen pussy. I work with young girls and alot of them are teases and dont ware panties. I have licked and fingerd many hairless pussys. Theres no better feeling than slowley put your cock deep inside their tight pussys and cumming deep inside them and sucking their little breast buds or nipples..

  • It's not ur fault, Im in high school and the middle school is down the street. I see a lot of these girls and they look like fucking whores. Have some class. My friend thinks I'm gay cause I don't like any girls at our school, but it's really because of their sultry nature that turns me off. I question the parenting skills of people today and of he future.

  • I met my husband when he was my teacher. We kept our affair hidden for years, and he married me after I graduated high school. Just be careful. You're already married. You don't want to lose the wife you have because of some tight, wet, young, delicious pussy.

  • I knew of a guy teacher with the very same problem. He knew it was coming to a point he wouldn't be able to control himself. He said it was best he leave his position all together and get into another field rather than being arrested. That is what he did.

  • Would your friend be interested in sharing his counsel? I could use some insider advice.

  • Do you go to the teachers lounge and wank? Perhaps you should.

  • I think you had better retire before your next teaching job is in the local prison.

  • Good advice

  • As a mother of a 7th grader... fuck you. Die.

  • Whats your daughter look like. I bet she has a sweet tight hairless pussy. I would be gentle with your little girl and i would slowley take her school uniform of and lie her on my bed and rub her budding breasts and then place my cock to the entrance of her tight hairless pussy and gentley scrue your little daughter and fill her with my cumm and give her a little girl orgasam like i do my 12 year old daughter..

  • Then don't let your daughter dress like a whore

  • But how will the daughter ever learn that personal responsibility and consequences are something women can cry or fuck their way out of?

  • Just jerk off before school, fuckface.

  • Try jerking off in the morning, before school. It will help.

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