I became the sissy

I was in college and AOL first started up. I remember getting free hours when you signed up. I quickly began to see hot pictures of women and then some of men in panties and lingerie. These started turning me on. I showed my buddy the AOL and some of the guy in panties and bondage pics showed up. He started calling me gay names and I was quite embarrassed. I decided to teach him a lesson. So, I went to Fredericks of Hollywood and bought a yellow laced thong teddy. I came back home and started chatting in a m4m AOL chat room with a dom. I told him what had happened and we came up with a plan to get my friend into the thong teddy and then tie him up to a chair to be found. That night we were drinking and I pulled out the thong teddy and said the loser of this poker game has to wear this thong teddy. I had stashed a few cards to cheat with and knew I was going to win. However, my friend caught me red handed. He said I had lost. Defeated I figured I would wear thong teddy and win the next game and then go ahead with my plan. However, as soon as I slipped on the thong my friend came up from behind me and pulled the thong up, putting me on my tippy toes. I was helpless. He led me across the room and forced me over a chair and zip tied my ankles and wrists to the chair. He then looked at me and said, next time I come up with a plan to humiliate him I should close down my computer so he couldn't see it. I begged him to let me go but he wouldn't. And then he was gone!!

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  • I agree maybe a little lube with some sand mixed in

  • Sissy bitch! You need to be fucked with no lube

  • Servers you right bloody poof

  • You forgot to add that you became a police officer and also sometimes wear a maids outfit.

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