It had been way too long

I'm married. I've been married for almost 10 years now. I've had a gay lover for about 2 years now. He and I get together sporadically. Just because our work schedules are totally opposite each other. Combine that with me having a family and you end up with he and I getting together sometimes once a week for a few months. Sometimes a couple times a week. Sometimes not at all.

I had been trying to get ahold of him for a few months. Just couldn't work out when I was home and when he was home. Then a couple weeks ago I called him and he was home. I went to his house. He met me at the door. I had just gotten off work. He was wearing a bathrobe and nothing else. We made out right there at the doorway. I undid his bathrobe and dropped it to the ground. He stripped me naked. We fondled each other's cocks and made out heavily. I shut the front door. He got on his knees and started sucking my cock. Man, did I miss that. My wife literally never sucks dick. Then he says, "Let's go get in bed."

We go to his bedroom. I lay on the bed. He resumes sucking my cock. He does it for a bit. Then he gets up and crawls on top of me. His cock is hard. I pull my legs up. He pushed his cock to my pussy. I want it badly. I tell him, "I want it inside me." We normally don't have full on sex. Just suck each other off. He likes it better that way. It has been too long tho. I needed him inside me. He pushed his cock inside me. Just the head. I moan. He says, "You like that?" I say, "Oh god baby. Don't tease me. Fuck my pussy." He says, "Turn over."

I get on my hands and knees. He grabs my ass. He lubes his cock and slides it all the way inside me. I moan out uncontrollably, "Oh god yes." He starts off slow. I plead for him to fuck me faster. Harder. Fuck me harder. He complies. He is now fucking my pussy hard. My cock sways back and forth each time he pushed his into me. He doesn't last long. Maybe 15 minutes. He says, "Oh God I'm gonna cum soon." I say, "Go on baby. Cum for me." He says, "You want me to pull out and cum all over you?" I say, "No. I want you to cum in my pussy." He says, "Really?" I say, "Yes baby. Give me your load." He continues to fuck me. Then he says, "I'm gonna cum." He thrusts it all the way in and i can feel his cock throb as he empties his load into me.

I tell him to keep it in. He grows soft. I flip over and he starts to suck my dick again. His magical mouth around my cock. He knows just how to make me cum every time. He makes me cum but he doesn't stop sucking. It feels wierd and uncomfortable but he doesn't stop. It starts to feel good again. Better. Then he makes me cum a second time. Then he stops.

Afterwards I get dressed so I can go home. He says, "You must have needed that." I said, "Yeah I did." He said, "I'm not normally a top." I said, "Well, I love having your dick in my pussy." He said, "Don't get me wrong. I love fucking you but I'd rather you swallow my load." I said, "Well, I do love swallowing it." He says "We gotta get together more often. You work tomorrow?" I said, "Yeah. Till 10pm." He said, "Wanna come over after?" I said, "Absolutely."

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  • Having a dick and a pussy that's handy can you fuck yourself ?

  • Sorry, I refer to my asshole as my pussy when I'm in bed with a man

  • Just an FYI - I am a gay man and really prefer to hear "fuck my ass", not my pussy... "pussy" makes me think of, well... PUSSY.

    Or if you like, "fuck my hole". That also works for me.


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