I like the way he treats me

I've barely been twenty one for six months and I've started going to bars pretty regularly. Well one night when none of my friends would go out I went alone going to one of the shitty local town bars instead of driving out of town to go to a club or a bigger bar.

There I met Brad. He is 45. And I'll admit he got me back to his place the same night I met him. He certainly isn't the most handsome man it the world but he was charming and blunt. And I was drunk enough that I figured fuck it. We went back to his place and he fucked me hard and rough.

When I asked about a condom he told me he wouldn't do it and I could walk out now if I expected him to wear one. He came in me without remorse. But the sex was worth it. It literally felt different from any other time I've had sex. It was just raw, he knew what he wanted and he took it.

Once we were done he gave me a choice. I could walk the three miles back to the bar to my car, cause he wasn't getting dressed again for the night, I could sleep on the couch and he would take me for my car in the morning, or if I stayed in bed with him it meant that at any point in the night he could have sex with me.

I stayed in bed. And true to his word sometime in the early morning he mounted me and fucked me again until he came in me again and we went back to sleep. When I woke up that morning we had sex one more time before I finally decided to leave.

He didn't even take me back to my car, he literally had his daughter who lives next to him with her husband do it. It was the most awkward drive in the world sitting next to a girl roughly my own as she drove me back to my car.

I've been seeing him on the regular lately. I go to the bar. He buys me various drinks then we go back to his place and drink some more and have sex. He fucks me like a slut and the process just repeats and has been for a couple of months. I know he treats me like shit and I'm nothing but young pussy to him but for some reason I absolutely love it

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  • I to the way my neighbor fucks me daily.
    He's so animalistic and raw and I am falling in love the way he fucks me anally and vaganally and now orally. God he comes onto me so strong and I become butter in his arms.

  • You are cool

  • Dated a younger woman like this. She knew it was all about my having at her tight, young body and using the hell out of her, but..Kept coming back for more. Even night, when she was comforting a friend after a death in the family...She texted me asking to pick her up and "do what you do with me".. Who was I to decline?

  • There you go another stupid cunt

  • Wow what a future

  • I never did understand people that get something out of being treated like shit.

  • Me neither.

  • Daddy issues

  • Just a kink like every other I suppose.

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