Should I confess to m sister?

This really happened to me. Sorry it got long but I wanted to tell it the way it happened.
My sister Debbi is three years older than me. I have a brother Dan who is a year younger. When I was twelve years old my sister had this gorgeous boyfriend Tighe. He was absolutely gorgeous! Long wavy brown hair, killer blue eyes, gorgeous smile and an unbelievable body, a swimmers body. God I was so jealous of Debbi, she always got everything she wanted. The worst part was, Tighe hardly noticed me. Rarely talked to me at school and always seemed pained when I asked for a ride with him and Debbi home from school.

When summer started Tighe and Debbie would go to summer school in the morning then come back home and swim in the pool. My brother and I would join them. We started playing keep-away with a basketball. At first Tighe and I played against my sister and Dan, but she didn’t like that and said Dan and I should play against those two. So I ended up trying to get the ball from Tighe. At first the game was just simple fun but then Tighe got the ball and was holding it in front of himself taunting me to get it from him. I lunged after the ball just as Tighe pulled it away. I splashed into the water and ended up grabbing Tighes swimsuit instead of the ball. I could feel his butt in my right hand through his swim trunks as I realized I had grabbed his cock in my left hand. It took me a few seconds to realize what I had and then I quickly let go. When I surfaced I was sure he was gonna yell at me but he just acted as if nothing happened. I thought maybe I was wrong, I didn’t grab what I thought I had grabbed. Still, I was excited by the thought!

We played a little longer when Tighe got the ball again and he did the same thing. He held the ball in front of himself and I dove for it. This time I again got his butt in my right hand but nothing but water in my left. But as I was underwater Tighe moved and suddenly his crotch was pressed up right against my face. I could feel his cock against my cheek. When I tried to push him away my hand once again landed right on his cock. I was shocked to feel it once again and my fist instinct was to let go, but I also was excited and wanted to continue touching it for a little bit. I held onto it as I lifted my head above the water trying to catch my breath. I could hear Tighe laughing and then I heard my sister say “ Hey, what’re you two doing over there” and I quickly let go. I don’t think she saw anything.

We all took a break for a while then jumped back in the pool. Whenever I got the chance I would try to sneak a feel of Tighes cock through his swim trunks. I remember being so excited by this. I couldn’t believe I was touching Tighes body; his pecs, his abs, his butt and the naïve me didn’t think he knew what I was trying to do. A bit later, after my sister went into the house to get us something to eat, my brother threw the ball to Tighe and I jumped after it. This time when I reached for the ball my right hand grabbed Tighes bare ass. He had pulled his swim suit down. My left hand grabbed Tighes thigh and as I was trying to figure out what was going on I felt Tighes hand grab my hand and put it right onto his bare cock. OMG, I couldn’t believe it. I actually tried to pull my hand away, but he kept it there and suddenly I was fondling Tighes bare cock. I worried about Debbi seeing but knew she was in the house and kept fondling. Tighe put his arm around my head and pulled me to his stomach. I tried to get a look at his cock but couldn’t because of the water and he held me like that while I played with his cock. The first cock I had ever touched.

Debbi came out with food and I reluctantly let Tighes cock go and he fixed himself. After we ate we left the pool. I went into the lower bathroom to rinse off and dry my hair. While I was in the bathroom Tighe walked in (my sister was in her bathroom upstairs). He stood in front of me for a second. I just stared at him. He then stepped closer, took my hand and put it back down the front of his swim shorts and I started fondling his cock again. I was real nervous now, but so, so excited at the same time I could hardly stand it. I wanted to let go but I just couldn’t! It was amazing. His cock felt smooth and warm and much bigger this time. And it was growing! He then reached behind and pulled his trunks down and his cock flopped out with my hand around it. I started mindlessly stroking it, watching it grow in my hand. After a while he reached over, closed the lid of the toilet and told me to sit down. I did as he told me and suddenly I was looking right at Tighes semi-hard cock, my hand slowly stroking his shaft. Then he whispered “Put it in your mouth”. I sat there thinking…what?? He then took my hand off his cock placed his hand behind my head and guided me towards his cock. He slowly pushed himself into my mouth and suddenly I was giving my very first blow job. I didn’t know what to do, I just kept my lips around his cock as he thrust himself in and out. He only thrust a few times before he grunted and I started to taste his cum. After he pulled himself out of my mouth I started to lean over the sink to spit, but he stopped me and told me to swallow. I looked up at him and he repeated himself – swallow. And I did what he told me.

For the next four weeks we did that almost every time he came over to swim. I loved playing with him in the pool and I learned to love sucking his cock. I loved him. Funny thing is, he never touched me. He would reach into my bikini top and play with my nipples when I was sucking him but he never tried to fuck me even though I know I would have given him my virginity. Tighe went to live with his father the second half of the summer and Debi started seeing someone else behind his back. By the time I saw Tighe again I had a boyfriend so we never got together again.

It’s been eight years since that summer. My sister and I have gotten real close lately and talk a lot. We share things we’ve never shared before. I want to tell her about Tighe and I. It was a big moment in my life and I want to share it with her. I’ve always wondered whether she knew, but I also wonder if I should tell her.

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  • Don't be a dumb ass you drank his cum and probably tasted her pussy, just keep quiet.

  • Why do females have to talk everything to death that comes to their brain? NO, say nothing. Nothing good will come of this.

  • I agree!

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