Mother in law

I was about to walk my dog one evening when my wife asked me to drop her mums debit card off as I would be passing her house.
At the time my mother in law was pretty fit and had really good legs but I no sexual attraction to her at all. I am, and always have been a voyeur and get a really big thrill from watching people in sexual situations.
My mother in law lives in a bungalow with a small porch which has a side window giving a view into the lounge. Although there was a curtain fitted, it was very transparent and as I was about to knock on her door I happened to look through the window.
I saw that her telly was on but what caught my eye was her toes. Something about the angle and the way toes were pointing so I came a little closer to the window and positioned my head so I could look in.
I looked up her legs, which were tensing and relaxing rhythmically, and saw her dressing gown wide open and she was fucking herself with a dildo.
The sight took my breath away. I knew I should leave but I couldn’t even take my eyes off her, never mind turn away. The old familiar thrill of being naughty, doing something taboo came over me and I got my cock out to have a wank but my dog started to get restless so I just watched her.
She was really going for it with the Dino and was rubbing her clitoris furiously, her stomach was heaving up and down, her toes pointed, legs tensed and then with a grunt which heard through the window, she orgasmed. Her face was ser with a grimace, eyes squeezed shut as waves of ecstasy rippled through her.
After she peaked, her legs relaxed, her head tuned and she had a look of utter bliss on her face. She was still slowly fucking herself and wondered if she was going to have another go but my dog whimpered and began to fidget so with a last look, I sloped off.
The whole event probably didn’t take more than four or five minutes.
I walked the dog and called in. Before I knocked I had a quick look through the side widow and she was sat where she had been, dressing gown fastened watching telly.
I still wank over the memory.

4 months ago

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    • Should have gone in and fucked her, i fuck my mother in law and it was the best fuck even better than the wife as she took it in ever hole and even swallowed my hole load.

    • Incest is sexual intercourse with a blood relative. Where’s any of that in this story?

    • The idiot below that first mentioned it feels guilty about a long period of time he was doing his mother.
      He’s taken it upon himself to police this website and comments on stories where incest is the topic.
      Basically he sees incest in everything he disagrees with.

      Ironically he’s occasionally posting about his sexual conquests with young boys.

    • Incest is for retarded morons.

    • So you admit that you and your mom are retards after having a 27-year incestuous affair with each other.

      You’re also imbeciles, idiots, retarded, and criminals.

    • If he did admit that, he would be just as retarded as the rest of incest lovers.

    • Thank you for your admission. You fit right in with the rest of them.

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