Desire to be a cuck

I secretly desire to be a cuck. The thought of a LFR and having to hear about my GF with another guy is a huge turn on.

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  • My wife and I were married for 10 years. I put two and two together and figured out she was cheating on me. She would be late from work then run in the house without saying hello and run into the shower. I was mad, jealous and turned on all at the same time. One of he late nights I set up a romantic diner with wine and as soon as she came in the door I was there to convince her to have dinner before she showers. We sat and ate and I kept pouring the wine. After an hour she was loose and she gets horny on wine. So I made my move and started to kiss her, she was insisting on taking a shower I told her I liked her the way she is. I picked her up put her on the couch and spread her legs and went down on her. I told her it was nice to see how much I got her excited and horny. She was soaking wet and dripping. I knew it was another mans cum. I was sooooooo excited I cleaned her out. I kept telling her it was hot to see how horny she was. We fucked for a couple of hours.
    That was two years ago. Now when she comes home and tells me she has a hot load for me. I lay on the floor and she rides my face and I love it. We never talk about the cheating. As long as she come home to me I am good with it.

  • Ur a lucky man only caught my wife one tme with a yummy pussy

  • My wife was a virgin until our wedding day but her virginity was taken by my best man on the morning of our wedding.

  • Dude that’s just fucked up

  • The wife loves fucking strangers. I love watching her service them. If i must say i have a huge cock. I use that cock to fuck the wife's ass hole after she is done fucking other men. She really likes to be punished for being a bad girl and sticking that cock up her ass is what she deserves. Ass to mouth whip the nipples use clamps on the clit. Bad girl needs to be punished. So if she wants to full around she needs to pay for it.

  • Way to go. Ever give her a dp. Its great

  • This whole cuck trend needs to go. It's almost exclusively white men, too. Sad. Stop being soft, soy boys and make your woman orgasm your damn self

  • I'm in the unique and situation of having intense cuckold desires and having a fiancée who's still a virgin.

    I guess you know what I have intense fantasies about happening, as a cuckold.

    To any bulls reading this, I hope the one of you who has the biggest cock makes fantasy into a permanent reality.

  • ºdzdzdždždždzdžisucklittleboypenisγεετdzdzdzdzdždždždždždždzdzdzƒdždždžºdzdzdždždždzdžisucklittleboypenisγεετdzdzdzdzdždždždždždždzdzdzƒdždždžºdzdzdždždždzdžisucklittleboypenisγεετdzdzdzdzdždždždždždždzdzdzƒdždždžºdzdzdždždždzdžisucklittleboypenisγεετdzdzdzdzdždždždždždždzdzdzƒdždždžºdzdzdždždždzdžisucklittleboypenisγεετdzdzdzdzdždždždždždždzdzdzƒdždždžºdzdzdždždždzdžisucklittleboypenisγεετdzdzdzdzdždždždždždždzdzdzƒdždždžºdzdzdždždždzdžisucklittleboypenisγεετdzdzdzdzdždždždždždždzdzdzƒdždždžºdzdzdždždždzdžisucklittleboypenisγεετdzdzdzdzdždždždždždždzdzdzƒdždždž

  • Love eating g/fs pussy after another guy uses it.

  • My wife fucks her brains out three of four times as week with other men. She just loves sex. She got turned on to black cock about eight years ago by her mother whom has dated blacks for over 20 years. Long story short I have not fucked my wife in six years. I only get to jerk off on her naked body when she is done servicing other men. I really get turned on by seeing her get fucked by other men. I love seeing their cum in her pussy. I think if the thing lights your candle why not let it happen. Our next big step appears to be children she wants to breed as she is now 35 years old. Guess what she wants my baby. Duh. We are considering me jerking off near her pussy and pushing the cum inside her. Hope it works.

  • You need to fuck her. A lot. As often as possible. Nothing like having a bunch of bastard kids running around the house. How can you both live with yourselves?

  • Nothing like being denied sex, watching another dude fuck your girl and you get to lick it up. Are you people serious?!!

  • Absolutely! The humiliation and jealousy arouses us more than anything. The more we're humiliated and become more jealous, the more turned on we are. Look up cuckold angst. We're cuckolds.

    Most guys, for example, wouldn't want other men to take their fiancee's virginity, but I do. My fiancée is still a virgin and it haunts me to know it's very possible for her to give her virginity to someone else. I want this to happen more than anything. Why? Because it's so humiliating to know I can never have my own fiancée's virginity because she chose another man. And because I'll be extremely jealous of the man who will forever have my fiancée's virginity. My humiliation and jealousy would be so out of control that I'll have many restless nights jerking off nonstop. I would help any potential lucky bull to seduce her.

    And if the above doesn't blow your mind, if I had to choose the lucky guy who'll steal her virginity from me, I would pick someone I absolutely hate and consider to be my enemy/rival. Of all the people who could fuck her, knowing she chose my rival over me to be the first man to use her pussy and have her virginity would be overwhelming emasculating. I will never be able to get her virginity back from him.

    While I don't primarily focus on who the guy should be as much, since I'd like for this to happen behind my back (if I can know about it later), I'd pick a hated rival. It should be obvious why. If I knew it would work, I'm willing to beg him to do it.

    If it's with my rival, I'd strangers and a select few people I know to watch. They'll see me furiously jerking to what's happening. I'll tell them I wanted this to happen so badly that I l begged for it. I'll tell them I'm willing to beg for my rival to be the first to cum her and for it to be a huge load. I hope any who watches get a chance with her after it's over.

    And if I could pick the day, it'll be my birthday, for obvious reasons, and to be denied all sexual pleasure, except this.

    We're cucks.

  • Put an ad on CL and have two or three guys fucking rape her in a dark alley without either one of you knowing about it. Maybe that’s what it will take for you to get out of all the sick programming that has gotten to you.

  • Wow that is very well thought out has it happened yet?

  • Send her to me. We will,film it as well,as call you during. Amasterdaddy on yahoo

  • If it were possible, I'd love for you to film another man fucking my virgin fiancée. It's my greatest cuckold fantasy for it to happen. Film a close up of the cock deflowering my fiancée. I want to watch someone take this special gift and deny me it forever. Make it very humiliating!

  • Get her drunk and let three or four black men use her like the whore you know she is!

  • So who would clean her up? I know i would

  • I would love it too. I have also told my wife on her business trips, she can have open reign as long as she tells me all about it. My wife is too backwards to do anything, damn

  • My wife can't have babies any more. I would love to see her fucked in a gang bang and join in.

  • Yeah, I think a lot of guys are okay with it.

  • Cabron !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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