I totally want to get raped. I want a hot guy to kidnap me for a few hours and fuck me hard in the back of his car while I cry. I want him to beat me, and force me to do sexual things I'm not comfortable with. I want my body to respond to him even though I don't want to. I want him to make me suck his dick until I choke and then to cum in mouth. I want him to fuck me and tell me not to get wet, because he'll punish me if my pussy is wet. I want him to dominate my body and shower me in his cum. I want him to tell me that he will fuck me whenever he pleases and I am his toy.

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  • Even as a fantasy that is peculiar & astonishing. Moreover, it's relieving to know it will never happen to you. It's clear you have no concept of what rape is. Due to abuse of the word itself, it's seldom seriously recognized anymore.
    Look, the instant that a girl desires being punished by any form, it's referred to as a fetish of hers rather than a act of nature.

    Coercive or assertive sexual relations are performed by a man as a dictate of nature upon a woman's mandate of nature in submission to the man.
    Serious attempts by a woman to resist such are only the result of synthetic conditioning & always indicate a false flag.

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