Hot stepson

My husband's son from previous marriage is unemployed and staying with us. He's pretty hot and stares at me as if he desired me. I don't know what he sees in me but he's certainly turning me on. My husband and I don't really need too much sex. At his 66 he doesn't get an erection quite often and to be honest with you I don't really care, but his son has me all turned on. At this moment I am in my bedroom touching myself thinking naughty things of him. I think I'm going to stop and go out in my panties and t-shirt to the kitchen where his at using his laptop, just to tease him and feel the fire of his eyes all over me. Would you do your stepson?

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  • I have been giving myself to my stem son since last summer. Him and his three best friends, one on one and four somes and I am not about to quit.

  • Well did you go to the kitchen as you wanted to in your panties?

  • You really want to see if he's interested leave a pair of your soil panties somewhere obvious if you can tell they've been messed with later that's cuz he picked them up and sniff them

  • Sounds hot how would you plan on taking him whats your ideal hot plan of attack

  • I say go for it. I recently had sex with my Dad's girlfriend (they're not married yet) and it was awesome. I went to his house to use the pool. She was there and one thing led to another. It was awesome.

  • I miss my stepmom a lot. She often flirted with me and gave me little peeks of her body by wearing a t-shirt around the house in the mornings or these super loose thigh to knee length dresses.

  • I fuck my stepmum when we're alone in the house. I'm 16 and she's 52. Dad doesn't fuck her much, so she's grateful for what she gets from me. I see nothing wrong in a son fucking his mum or stepmum.

  • Do it!!!

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