Should I stop my wife wearing low cut tops?

She is 32 now and still goes out with low cut tops that show off her cleavage, should I ask her to cover up? I'm fed up of everyone staring at her tits!

This is a pic of her


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  • When I met my wife, I knew that when we were out that other men would notice her. Being a new relationship, I just thought I don't know how long this will last so just enjoy the time together. As time went on and I found we got along well, One night she asked me if I liked what she was wearing? She looked great, and had on a loose low cut top that was easy to look down. and at this point I was still wanting to just enjoy the moment. She said you don't mind when I wear top's like this? I told her I was not going to tell her what to or what not to wear. I found that I enjoyed watching other guy's try to get a look even to the point of at some time asking her to forget the bra. Let them look, you would look at her if you saw her out and did not know her.

  • Should you?

    Do you seriously think she'd stop if you ordered it?

    Clearly, she very much enjoys the attention. She's not stupid. She knows she's being 'checked out,' and is good with that. She obviously means for you not only to deal with it, but to accept it. She's convinced that this is the right thing for her to do. She is helping to define relationships and is establishing herself as the dominant female in her circles.

    Your wife is something of a standard-bearer. Her friend there in the picture isn't dressed like your wife; but she should be encouraged to know that it is time society fully accepted women as women. Your wife is MAKING this acceptable, and that is a good thing. You should encourage her in it.

    Because again -- do you seriously think she'd stop if you ordered it?

  • Reverse image search reveals those tits in all there glory :)

  • I would love to motorboat those fine titties

  • I've seen a few other nude pics of her that he has posted on other sites. She is a sexy thing.

  • Share them then!

  • Just post a naked pic of her, we all know you want to

  • Your wife has great tits, dude. Let her flaunt them. Shoot your load onto them once in a while to mark your territory.

  • Shame you can't post the actual pic on this site

  • Come on, let's see those tits

  • How about giving us a pic of her titties naked ?

  • Now that is a good idea!

  • My wife wears them to work and tells me some of the things men and women say admiring her chest. Huge turn on, knowing they look, and i play with.

  • She is sexy

  • I don't think you really want her to stop. I think you are showing off your girl which is absolutely great to do. Carry on showing us your girl she is a beauty.

  • By all means, no! She is really hot. Let her flash that cleavage everywhere. Any man who sees her is going to get hard.

  • No, don't stop. I believe a woman should flaunt it for as long as she has it. Life is short, and the day will come when she'll stop, but no woman should stop until they absolutely have to.

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