Favor for a friend

A friend of mine was complaining about his lack of sex, he told me that it had been over a year since the last time he had any sex at all. He is not a jerk, halfway decent looks, little chubbier than I am but still an all around nice guy who just works to much. I asked him what he missed the most about it and he told me that he just really missed going down on a woman. I told him well maybe we can help each other out and went on to tell him about my wife's fetish of being tied up. I then told him that I had always wanted to watch her have sex with another guy as well. I told him that I could simply get her all tied up and then you could come in and play with her all you wanted. She would be blindfolded as usual then maybe I could add in headphones so she could also not hear anything. He just looked at me and said that he was still in disbelief that she likes to be tied up. I told him look you only live about twenty minutes from me so one evening this week I will get her in the mood to be tied up and played with then I will text you. You come over and be close to the house and when I text you again the front door will be you just walk in quietly and come down the hallway to the bedroom. He again was still lost now knowing that she liked to be tied up.
It took a few weeks but one evening she was up for it so I texted him, he replied back like fifteen minutes later and said "No way!" I replied back that she would be ready in about forty minutes. I just about had her tied up but had already put the blindfold and headphones on her so I texted him and told him to come inside. I put a vibe on really low just to tease her a little and ran my fingers over her then went into the master bath to watch. I could not see the bedroom door but after several minutes of watching her hips gyrate around and her moaning a little bit he came into view next to the bed. He immediately started running his fingers around her breasts and nipples and kept looking around like he was going to be caught or something.
He played with her breasts licking and sucking her nipples then went down her body kissing and fondling every part of her. I had a side view of it all as he made his way between her legs. He pleasured her for a solid hour and when I saw him putting on a condom I wondered for a second about size and feel, she would definitely feel a difference with the condom. I rushed out and he jumped a little when I waved at him, I got close to his ear and I told him to take off the condom because she will feel it and we never use them. He smiled at me and was whispering back that he did not want to without one. I told him to keep playing with her and broke out a dildo, I told him to play with her for a bit with this then put yours inside her. The dildo was much bigger and I was hoping that she would just think it was another toy when he went in with the real thing.
She was moaning loud and telling me that I was really making her feel good tonight and even talked dirty a little bit, I knew she was really enjoying herself when that came out. He began entering her after playing with her for a bit and she responded right away by bucking her hips and trying to get more action out of him. I decided that I had seen enough so I went out to the kitchen for a moment to grab a drink. I came back and stood just outside the door listening to her moan and cry out with passion.
He walked out after a few more minutes of her climax and told me I was one lucky son of a bitch to be married to her. I turned around and walked into the bedroom then played with her for another thirty minutes or so giving her a great big orgasm and having her suck me off.
It was a great night all around and I had a blast watching someone else play with her for while. She never questioned anything and told me that I was quite the pleasure king that night.

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  • For a terminally ill man he was not too old; however he was not a young man either. At his 65 he still looked pretty strong though. His wife was around his same age and not interested in sex anymore. He checked me out all the time in the office. When he started working from home I really missed him at work. Shortly before passing he asked me to visit him at home. It was a Saturday. I asked my husband to come with me but he preferred to drop me off and pick me up later after running some errands. As I got of the car he told me I looked too sexy in my summer dress and heels for visiting an terminally ill person. I kissed his lips good bye and asked him not to forget to pick me up. My boss' wife answered the door and guided me to his den where he was waiting for me. He didn't look like he was going to die soon. His elevator eyes enchanted me and I walked toward him until I stood next to his desk chair where he was sitting. No words were said. He slid his hand under my dress, his wife left the room and the rest you can figure out. He was the only other man in my 25 years of marriage. During his funeral shortly after I confessed our affair to my husband. He got annoyed at first but demanded an explanation, which I could not really give him. He then wanted details, he wanted to know if I teased him, if I was expected what happened, which I did not deny. After much discussion we concluded I did it out of a combination of lust and mercy.

  • My wife's sense of smell is incredibly strong - just the difference in cologne between my friend and I would clue her in. Believe me, I've thought about this MANY TIMES! I have a friend who only has sex with his wife on special occasions (anniversary, birthday, etc), and he's always had a thing for my wife (and she for him). It's always such a turn on to see them flirt when the alcohol is flowing, but have never been able to figure out how to make this happen!

  • I am probably stating the obvious here but just let him put on your cologne.

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