My modest PTA wife confesses her 'biggest' is now in the family!

My wife seemed a little flustered at my brother's dinner the other night.
Their son brought his new girlfriend and her single dad to the dinner.
I finally got my wife to talk about it a few nights later as we lay in bed.
First of all - she had baby-sat that girl before.
I asked why this was uncomfortable for her.
My wife said - "Yeah, it was uncomfortable for both the girl and me."
"Why's that?"
Turns out that she and the girl's father had been lovers off and on for 6 years, his daughter was well aware of this!
My wife was his secretary when he took her virginity when she was 22 one day on his desk! First he ate her - then he fucked her.
"...and, so this is going to be really awkward now for family gatherings because your nephew is marrying that girl next month!"
"Wait?! this the guy that you told me about that night you were drunk?"
"Yeah, he has the biggest penis I've ever had inside of me!"
I remember the conversation.....
"he is REALLY big!"
"So, he's long. Was he thick, too?"
"Oh yes. Really thick and long. It really hurt the first several times he went in me! I was able to take all of him eventually - but he never could get in my bottom. I sucked him off first so maybe he wouldn't be too rough with my bottom. He kept telling me to relax. I was drunk and horny and I could not have been more relaxed up on that pillow, with my legs spread so wide waiting for it....after he lubed my butt hole and his penis - he was so excited that he came just after he got the head in me!"
I'm pretty certain this was another of her, "I wasn't a tramp lies" that she feels she has to tell her husband now. I bet he wasn't the only lover she ever had in her butt.
My wife had maybe 15-20 lovers during her 20's and early 30's before we married. So, if she says he was really big and thick - she has a lot of experience to base that statement on!

Just great. I knew we'd meet some guys who've had her mouth and pussy in this small city - but wish her very "biggest" wasn't now part of our family, so to speak!
She said they never married because he never asked ask.
He just fucked the daylights out of her whenever he wanted.

1 month ago


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    • I divorced my 1st wife after she cheated. I'll pull the trigger quickly again if this one gives me reason. Life's too short. They can have each other.....

    • And now she has access to him again. Watch out!

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