Freinds house is the toilet ;)

This is a True story, For Lovers of Zoophilia and Watersports combined.Hope you Enjoy, and comment your opinion.
Background, Im an Attractive 16 yo mexican female named Kaitlin.. So recently my friend has been inviting me to her house. Mabye for a month? Anyway, the first time i visited i came in a Jeans skirt and White tight tshirt. I had on a Thong, dont remember the color, but it was one of my good skimpy ones. we were in the family room on her couch, when half way through the movie i told her i had to pee. she told be she wasnt stopping the movie and laughed saying," Just go on the Couch" I thinking it was a joke, laughed it off. Then i told her," I really need to go!" Then she sighed and said," Look Kaitie" Then she sat on the couch fully, facing me. She took off her yoga pants, and had no underwear on. She spread he legs and started pissing. My eyes Grew wide, shocked at what i was seeing. I said," Does your mom let you do this?" She Laughed and said," Anywhere is fine, The dog licks it up too!" I was even more supried. Does her dog drink her piss? She finally paused the movie, not that i was interested in it at the moment. She told me," Come on, ive gotta show you something" She led me into the Kitchen and i saw the dog, muching away at his food, looking totally innocent.We sat at the kicten chairs and faced them torwards the dog. She said" Watch this", She, still naked from waste down, Aimed her pussy and started to finish emptying her bladder. The stream landed on the tiled floor newr the dog, and the dog began licking up the Puddle she was making! The dog was a Rott Weiler, and had a large tongue. When she was done, the dog finished cleaning the mess. Then he went up to her and started licking her pussy clean. She began moaning and said,"You still have to pee, right?" I said," Yeah! That was so cool, i wanna try it" She pushed the dog away and got up. She brought the dogs large water bowl into the middle of the kitchen, and told me to pee in it, and watch it all disapeer. I got up and squatted over the bowl, and moved my panties aside. I looked at the dog, then the slightly water filled bowl. It didnt take long at all before i began pissing. The dog came and started licking the water, as it became more and more yellow. In no time at all there was no water inside, and the dog loved it! I pissed for a minute, and my friend watched proudly, and said," Wow, Kaitlin I think he likes yours even better! She rinsed the bowl out and filled it again, so he mom wouldnt notice. We finished the movie and i went home... Remembering i had a dog of my Own ;) Not many people have friends like mine, but it sure was a really fun and pleasurable Experience!

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  • Andy girl who honestly lets their dog lick them add me on Snapchat andyc2104

  • LOL

    Remind me not to go into your house.

  • What does your couch smell like

  • Yeah... right... except you're a man and this is a fantasy of yours.

  • Why is this hot?

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