My First ANR - Update

It's been a year since Erik and I started our ANR adventure together. It took about three months of a regular, 24 hour schedule of massage and suckling, he would even wake up twice in the middle of the night to suckle me, and now we're so glad we put in the effort. Our bond has grown stronger than I've ever known in a relationship before, and we're getting married on Christmas of this year, and hope to start a family soon after.
The level of intimacy and pleasure in our sex is incredible. I orgasm every time he latches on, and he says his orgasms have never been more intense than when he's inside me, drinking from my breast.
When a few friends asked why my boobs were getting so big, I was honest with them. A few were disgusted, two don't even talk to me anymore, but a few were intrigued. One even told me a few weeks later how she and her husband had tried it and really gotten in to it. I don't care if people judge, but it's nice to know I've introduced a friend to such a wonderful experience.

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  • So jealous. I’d love to feed someone. Several someone’s actually. I love when I’m suckled, even though I’m dry. I can cum from it. It’s amazing.

  • It is a wonderful experience, and I really believe my husband and I are closer because of it. When he first tasted my milk he got this spacey look in his eyes like he was in some other dimension. We'll both be sad when the day comes that I can't lactate anymore.

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