Unexpected daddy gloryhole

I threw a party recently at my house. My friends and I wanted to do something super slutty so we setup a glory hole booth upstairs. We took the door knob off the closet door of the spare room and turned the black light on so there was limited visibility. There was three of us. We took turns in our glory hole booth for 30 minutes and announced it to the guys there. My first friend said she sucked 8 dicks. Second friend and I both sucked 6. It was pretty hot having guys come in and not knowing who's dick was coming through the hole. I could use my imagination, but also knowing there were like 30 guys that came to the party so really could be anyone.

Afterward I went through the door that joins our spare room to the master bedroom, then made my way into the hallway, so nobody knew it was me in the booth. Walking down the stairs I heard a very familiar voice telling a group of people how he had just received the best blow job he'd had in years. Suddenly my throat was dry and it was hard to breathe. I listened in from the other side of the wall...

"That girl can suck, let me tell ya. It was like I stuck my dick in a tiny wet vacuum! And those lips and that tongue. Uh hmm. If only I knew who she was so I could return the favor, if ya know what I mean."

Someone asked him how long ago he went up there and he said "oh I just came down not 15 minutes ago. "

Oh my god! I couldn't listen any more. I had to get some fresh air and something to drink. This can't be happening, I thought.. How did this happen? When did he get home? It must've been one of the last two dicks I sucked. Oh my god. That's what I get for being a slut. shit! Fuck! I freaked out a little but made myself calm down before anyone noticed or asked me what was wrong. No way I was telling anyone what happened. I wish I had blacked out that night, but it's still clear as day in my head. It happened. It really happened. I sucked my own dads dick through a glory hole!

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  • Nice fantasy.

  • I was at a Halloween swingers party, long story short when someone opened the door by mistake, I noticed a tattoo, the same tattoo that my son has, at the same spot too. And let me tell u, it felt great up until then. Then I was sick to my stomach, then I was excited again, lots of mixed emotions. But there was plenty of other couples in this room too.

  • You guys have never heard of "Dark Closet?" My friends and I used to do it all the time about ten years ago, mostly in high school but did some in college also. My parents master bedroom closet was the best one but mine was also a walk in just not as big. We would loosen the light bulb so it would not get turned on, guys were told to walk into the closet and unzip. We would be behind the hanging clothes when they walked in but would feel our way to the guys legs then up to his cock. I had so much fun doing that and still do it with my husband now. He loves it and I really enjoy it myself as well.

  • Follow up story, one time over at someone else's house I knew one of my friends was in the closet so I took off my underwear. I walked in there with my skirt pulled up and spread my legs out some. She found my legs and when she reached up and touched my pubic area she giggled at first but then got her tongue going on me. I ended up on the floor with her giving me a great orgasm.

  • Damn. It's just a good thing that you didn't back your pussy up to the gloryhole. btw, where was Mom during this whole party?

  • What's that smell? Oh yes, its bullshit.

  • How the hell do you comfortably fit your dick through an empty door knob hole? It is too small. The hole, not the dick.

  • Oh if true you loved it

  • Yeah because your dad was at a packed party in his own house, happened to stumble across a gloryhole, then someone decides to ask him 'how long ago he went up there'
    Why would someone even ask that question?
    I'm pretty sure if my dad walked into his own house, with a load of drunk teens there, he'd immediately start hoisting people through the door, and then coming to find me to slap me.

  • I agree my dad would flip out!

  • No your own dad would find some young woman or twink and take them to the basement or garage. Perhaps he already has.

  • OR twink!! Love it, ha ha ha! Being a former pretty boy twink when I was younger, and babysitting for extra cash, you are right about what Dad's will do. Cheers!!

  • Dads love twinks. Former one here too, I used to enjoy staying overnight at friends places so when we went to sleep I would go to my friends father and spend the night kissing and cuddling with him. He would spoon me and his strong arms held me while his matted chest hair was on my smooth back.

  • I have sucked and more my dad and his friends when I was younger I still dream about it. I miss him so much

  • Ok so you suffered the shock of it but. Ow you've calmed down, did you enjoy sucking his cock?

  • Yes. His cum was tasty too

  • Next step is to fuck.

  • Hot! Now go home and do it again

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